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Good Boy

Pairing: Jikook
Author:  sourcunt
Genre: Abo!au, romance, smut
Rating: R
Summary: a fucking alpha. park jimin. the guy who looked like he spent his time talking to old ladies and cuddling with golden retrievers. jeongguk couldn’t believe his rotten luck.

Admin’s Notes: i love this kind of awkward!kookie, discovering himself and finding his feet. and the way he crushes on jimin; i feel you boo!

Link: AO3

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- Admin Janelle xo

The Importance of February 14th by Cypress_Tree 

3k words, R, Fluff

Author Summary:  “Sherlock was born on Valentine’s Day. John doesn’t know this and invites him out on a date. Sherlock assumes it’s a birthday celebration and believes so right up until the moment John kisses him." 

My Summary: A total fluffy masterpiece! It’s so cute and this is one of the fics I revisit when I  need a good fluffy pick-me-up. Sherlock’s reactions to things is so ,,,, eyeroll inducing because he’s so oblivious to John coming onto him. 

some really great deancas fics u should read:




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hi!! so idk if someone has done this before, but i decided to do a giveaway! this is a banner/icon giveaway! i’m broke af, but i still wanna celebrate 3k followers!!! (u guys r awesome and i love u all, thank u so much) basically instead of getting stationery and cool things in the mail, the winner gets an icon and/or a banner/graphic made by me!! i really love designing so the winner will basically tell me what kind of design they have in mind and i will make it!


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i think that’s it, if i add anything else ill edit this! also im doing this to practice and learn new photoshop skills and also try to give studyblrs who don’t know or have photoshop, or other editing programs, a custom made icon or banner! alsooooo you can use the “things i’ve made banner” to get a feel of my design skills! :)))))) have a gr8 day & good luck!!

p.s the giveaway banner was inspired by @somestudy ‘s highlighter graphic!