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This is really awkward but I am opening up fanfic commissions since I’m really in need of money. ;;;; I’m sorry for causing trouble but I need money to afford my books plus medication for my depression… and every time I try to apply for a job, they deny me. S-so… 

I’ll write for :

  • Osomatsu-san
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  • OCs (if you provide enough info)
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  • Self inserts x any of these
  • whatever. You can also send me an ask/message about a certain fandom and I’ll see if I know enough about it or not. 

Prices : 

  • 700-800 words : $3
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  • 4k-4600 words : $21
  • 5k-5600 words : $30
  • Over 6k words : We can talk about it.
  • Multi ch. fic : We can talk about it. Price varies by ch. 

What I will write : 

  • NSFW of any kind (including gore) 
  • Self inserts/ocs with canon
  • AU’s
  • Anything really 

What I will not write : 

  • Mecha since I am not familiar with it. 

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45 sheriarty ;)

Sheriarty + “Tell me a secret.” 

i wanted to write something fluffy but lmao this happened instead. i kinda like it so i posted it on ao3 too, please give both a kudos there and a like here if you enjoyed ;_;

It’s only soft after sex.

They are naked and tired and James Moriarty - consulting criminal, the spider at the centre of the web, the most dangerous man in the country and ten more epithets Sherlock uses to dehumanize him during work - is snuggling against him.

He. Is. Snuggling.

He’s snuggling and he looks so vulnerable, all messy hair and soft skin and lips just curled in a tiny smile and chest slowly raising and falling that Sherlock almost falls in love. Almost.


The man doesn’t even bother to open his eyes. He hums, low and content, before placing a soft kiss on his chest, right next to a particularly purple hickey.

“Jim, tell me a secret.”

Jim furrows his brows.

“Secrets are meant to be kept, silly.”

“I know what secrets are.”

If the situation weren’t so peaceful, he would be offended. He’s not though, so he runs a hand in Jim’s hair, combing it back and tracing his scalp with the fingertips. He can’t help but think of when they took a bath together and washed each other’s hair. It’s a pleasant memory, it paints a soft smile on his lips.

“I just… I don’t know that much about you. I mean, i’m without any doubt the person who knows you b–”

“Of course you are.”

“Don’t interrupt me. You are annoy— and don’t bite. I was talking, if you didn’t notice.”

“You never mind me biting you, but whateverrr”

Sherlock rolls his eyes but doesn’t reply - Jim is right after all - and keeps talking, simply ignoring the remark.

As I was saying, I don’t know much about you, but thanks to my brother you know everything about me. It’s not fair.”

He’s capable of connecting dots that other people can’t even see, he can link together crimes that happened at the same time in two different countries, he can see Moriarty’s touch with a single glance and yet, there are so many things he doesn’t know about the man himself.

He’s learning though.

He found out that he always hums the same song when he’s happy, a traditional irish melody Sherlock has memorized just for him, just to play it with his violin. He also makes terrible math jokes (”Why do they never serve beer at a math party? Because you can’t drink and derive…”) and cooks wearing a terrible apron Sherlock hates. It has “kiss the cook” written on it and Jim always steals a kiss from him and laughs and Sherlock pouts.

When he’s sad - sad isn’t the right word, but is the word Sherlock uses, because he doesn’t want to admit the truth, because he’s pretending to not see the symptoms of bipolar disorder - he either talks about his work a lot or wants to have sex not-stop.

(Sometimes Jim doesn’t leave his room. He lays on the bed, with clothes that smell and dirty hair and Sherlock sits by his side and tries to take care of him and doesn’t know what to say and what to do and he wants to leave, because he’s uncomfortable. He did left once. When he came back home he had to force two fingers down Jim’s throat. Sherlock doesn’t like to think about it, though.)

So yes, he’s learning, but there are gaps that he can’t fill, no matter how much he observes Jim. 

How is his family? Is he still in touch with his parents, are they even alive? What did he like when he was a child? Does he still like those things? Did he try to have friends? What exactly Carl did to him?

There are many other questions and Sherlock repeats them in his mind, as if doing that would help him find an answer.

“Life isn’t fair. But for you, I can make an exception.”

Jim opens his eyes and looks at him. He stays in silence for a couple of seconds - always dramatic - lips just parted and Sherlock can’t stop staring at his mouth, heart beating a little too fast.

“I sing Ke$ha in the shower.”

Sherlock wants to punch him.

“That’s not a secret.”

Jim laughs and Sherlock sits up. He wants it to be serious.

“I want something more important. More…” He stops a moment, trying to find the right word. “Personal.” 

(I want to know you even more, thinks. We don’t have much time.)

Something shifts in Jim. His eyes are different.

He waits Sherlock, expectation and curiosity running in his veins. Jim moves and sits on his lap. 

Sherlock doesn’t have the time to say anything, there are lips on his own, lips that kiss him roughly and there are hands on his shoulder that push him down on the mattress again.

After a while, Sherlock tries to break the kiss, but Jim doesn’t allow him, pulling him back on his mouth again. When Jim moves, Sherlock’s lungs hurt.

“I want you to be the cause of my death, someday. I love you.


Taserhawk Fic Rec. For those who want human tire fire clint barton. Taserhawk was my very first mcu ship, even before tasertricks.  Most of my bookmarks on AO3 are Clint x Darcy and it was really hard to pick out favourites but these are the ones I love best.

Quite a few of these are almost old enough to start kindergarten, and if they were written now they’d merit AU or Canon Divergence tags.


Thank you all so much for the continued support of me and my work! If you know me, you know how much it means and how greatly I appreciate every little comment or tiny bit of attention I get, especially from those of you who’ve been here since the beginning

Being able to hit this milestone before the end of the year is really beyond spectacular!! (´>ω<`)

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Если Вы плохо относитесь к непечатной лексике, советую Вам пропустить этот пост.
В жизни происходит грандиозное нихуя. Впрочем, как и всегда.
Должен был сегодня идти в рейд, но отмахнулся фразой «я сейчас в Краснодаре на съёмках». Зря отмахнулся, видимо, потому что дома мне абсолютно нехуй делать, разве что писать в бложек о своей крайне интересной жизни.
Так нет, она ж действительно, сука, крайне интересная, сам себе завидую. После двадцатого надо пилить снимать награждение наших местных волонтёров. Сам прикол в том, что каждый раз я иду на съёмки, словно последнее чмо, в рваных джинсах и поношенном свитере размера на три больше положенного, и каждый раз сам же (!!) попадаю под раздачу этих ваших дипломчиков, как единственный известный, сука, телеоператор-волонтёр (вдумайтесь в это словосочетание и догадайтесь, кто и почему жил месяц на 3k — вот где экономия, вот где время приключений, истинный волонтёр, сука).
В июне, кажется, было последнее награждение. На дне молодёжи. «На дне» — это, в смысле, от слова «день», а не «дно». «Дно молодёжи» — это, скорее, мои бесконечные инициативы, которыми я атакую эту вашу администрацию города с завидной настойчивостью.
И даже там я нажил себе приключения. Подъезжаю на Набережную, где и должна была состояться церемония награждения, решаю проверить камеру, и…
Вам известно выражение «сердце в пятки ушло»? Так вот, оно не просто в пятки ушло, а, преодолев где-то рядом с плинтусом уровень моей самооценки, ухнуло куда-то ещё ниже и начало настойчиво стучаться в потолок Преисподней.
Аккумулятор остался дома. Вообще. Совсем, сука, дома.
Я смотрел на всё это скопление народа около сцены, радостно улыбался, а в голове звучала одна-единственная фраза, перебивавшая даже гул толпы: «Тебе пизда».
Стóит ли говорить, с какой скоростью я бежал за аккумулятором? Наверное, люди считали, что в местном дурдоме день открытых дверей, ибо не каждый день встретишь на остановке человека, умоляющего Амона Ра, Тора, Óдина и Ярило с ними заодно послать ему маршрутку.
В общем, завершилось-то всё это хорошо, я успел к началу церемонии, но данная история имела место быть.
Зачем я это рассказал? А хуй меня знает, я просто не пошёл в рейд и теперь скучаю в четырёх стенах. Всё.

Fic Masterlist

Sleepless Nights -Fifth year pining Baz, Words: 1.2k

Opposite Day -Poor Baz trying to express himself after Simon breaks up with Agatha, but it doesn’t go to plan. Beginning is angsty but it’s fluff, Words: 5.3k

The Spell Challenge -Baz’s spell for the eighth year spell challenge, quick fic ft. Baz & Penny friendship and stranger!Simon, Words: 649

Earth and Smoke -Snowbaz at Glastonbury music festival au, fluff, Words: 1.3k

Light Me a Fire -Snowbaz first meeting, camping, fluff, Words: 1.6k

A Hundred Broken Fragments -Snowbaz post breakup angst (no trigger warnings -safe), Words: 1.3k

Friday -early gen ficlet featuring Fiona, Nicky and Ebb (kind of f/f??) Words: 522

To Nicodemus at Christmas -not fanfiction -a short poem from Ebb’s pov

3k followers Celebration: MK Does Blog Compliments

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I wanted to do something special in honor of reaching 3,000 followers the other day (Which is about 2,995 more followers than I ever expected to have) so I thought I’d give back to y’all by spreading some positivity and doing blog compliments!


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Never Say Never pt. 10: Pillow Talk

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.3k

Originally posted by coupleaims

You woke up the next morning on your stomach, hair disheveled and your arm hanging from the bed. You slowly turned onto your back and sat up. You looked around to see the debris of yesterday’s activity. Your shirt and underwear were on opposite sides of the room, your bra was ripped and there was a pair of sweat pants in the middle of the floor. You sighed in relief. Bucky really was there and it wasn’t some super heat hallucination. You looked to your right and saw Bucky in deep sleep. He was in the fetal position with a pillow tucked between his legs. You smiled as you admired his naked body. During your time together yesterday, your hormones had completely clouded your mind so the whole image of his body didn’t register fully. Memories of his hard erection, the way his mouth tasted, his strong bicep, his soft hair, his blue eyes, the way he felt all separately flashed in your mind. You slowly reached for his head and petted it tenderly as you remembered the most important thing: Bucky belonged to you.

Bucky stirred and his eyes slowly opened. He saw you looking at him tenderly and he smiled then softly whispered,

“Good morning,”

“Good morning,” you replied. He scooted closer to you and buried his face in your lap. Your eyes followed him when you suddenly realized your nakedness. You quickly grabbed the covers to hide your body then yelped,


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i just hit 1k this summer and i never thought my follower count would escalate so fast??? amazement. I’ll try to do a giveaway when i hit 3K!!

in other news, this coming Monday I will become a small business owner!!! how weird is that!??! after 2 months of absolute paperwork nightmare i was finally granted some startup funding that will secure my ability to pay my own rent and bills for the upcoming 6 months while i ~ ~establish~ ~ myself! I will also finally get a new laptop?? incredibb. While my status as a tattoo apprentice will not change per se, I will finally start tattooing ‘general public’ at reduced rates!!!! I’m super pumped! just hoping that things go smoothly, enough of my nerve cells have perished this year already x)))

Yo so I just moved back home for the break

And I’ve been unpacking so I haven’t been online much yesterday and today but OMG GUYS, there’s like 2.3k of y'all, that’s INSANE



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