I’m In Literal Tears

I cannot possibly find a way to thank all 3k of you that have decided that my scribbles, dabbles, and incoherent nonsense is worth your blog following my own.

Thank you so so so much to each and every single one of you babies, I cannot believe I went to sleep with little under 3k and now I am a little over 3k…


I know some of you expressed the fact you wanted to see more fics and requests, so this week, as my heartfelt thank you, I will be posting a LARGE amount of imagines, fics, and even new original bits I have lined up, for your reading pleasure.

thank you babies again xxxx

I was reading about Thomas Jefferson’s medical history and

Violent headache for two days after behaving awkwardly in front of a girl he fancied (March 1764, age 20)

Every time Trump says that “nobody” has more respect for women than he does I can’t help but agree with him. He is right. The Greek hero, Odysseus, also known as Nobody to the cyclopes Polyphemus, who traveled through dangerous waters and struggled for ten years to return to his wife does indeed have more respect for woman than Trump does.