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Hi! Love your art! I was curious as to what you use to draw/color your work?

Thank you!

For my lineart I use Pencil, a soft 3H pencil for base then I go over it with a darker mechanical pencil. I then scan or take a photo of the sketch with my phone and then I colour it digitaly on Paint tool Sai and add finishing touches and textures in Photoshop CS6. My tablet is Wacom intous small.


Chiwetel Ejiofor, Staedtler pencil (3H to 8B) and white Conté Pastel on Strathmore Toned Grey paper. 

I had quite the lighting today for this one, so I indulged. I drew this one around new year’s eve, but didn’t do the usual post like all the others, so here it is! That man is so gorgeous and soon to be our Baron Mordo in Dr Strange, so yeah, his own post was waaaaayyy past due.  

thank you for looking, as usual, and as Jeremy Jahns says : 

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. 

Staedtler pencils (3H to 9B), on Canson Mix Media 11X14 (98lb,160g) white paper. 

I also use Staedtler Karat Art eraser, Sakura SE2000 electric eraser and Faber-Castell PERFECTION 7056 Latex-free pencil eraser. 

I love it so much, but he gave me so much trouble. He’s not perfect, but i love him so, so here he is. Thanks for looking! :-)

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Benedict Cumberbatch, as seen in Anton Artemenkov’s photoshoot.

Staedtler Graphite pencil (3H to 9B) and Conté White Pastel on Strathmore Toned Grey paper. 

I hated and loved doing this one. thanks for looking!!

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