So, as it turns out I have no self control!!! I just had to buy this beautiful dude. He’s a Rose Petal betta. Thinkin of the name Comet.
But do any betta people know what’s up w/ his eye? It’s all blurry. The other eye is half like that (like split down the middle type half). I’m just assuming he’s partially blind but I wanna make sure he’s not sick or anything 🙏🏻

Hey bettablr, I have a few questions.

I am looking at buying a 2gal for my betta and I was wondering if a 45gph filter is too much for a betta? The tank comes with that filter. I heard that too much current is bad for bettas, but would anyone care to explain why?

Also, is it true that you have to buy a new heater and filter whenever your fish dies? Why or why not?

Lastly, when Petco/smart (whatever one it is) has its dollar per gallon sale, do they sell 2-3gal tanks? I feel like they wouldnt because that would hurt their buisness selling a tank for $2-3….

Thank you anyone who answers!