Finally put up my art! I had such a blast at RTX! Gonna call out a few amazing artists ; )

First off, @wingscanspeak made the centerpiece that has Viktor and Yuuri in it, as well as the white outlined chibi podium family stickers! I also bought a BNHA poster that had costumed Bakugo Katsuki on it but I mailed that to a friend who would love it a lot ^^ They had amazing cosplays as well and one of the two that were there did the cutest dance ever <3 They even had these cute lion onsies for voltron~ I’ll probably post pictures of their cosplays as well when I make a post for that.

The second tag is @jinzilla who drew the two separate Viktor and Yuuri in the exhibition costumes + the beautiful link at the very top. Their art is amazing <3

The third tag is @snailofapproval who drew Keith and Lance. I love how they color things it’s so cute <3

Fourth we have @midnightzone who made the two large Yuuri on ice keycharms, which are amazing.

Then fifth we have @hollyhansel who made the Gerudo link and Prince Sidon phone charms! I love them!!

And finally, though I didn’t get this art at the con, I put my buddy @magical-mistral ‘s art on my wall finally as well. They drew the post card between the jinzilla’s exhibition Viktor and Yuuri as well as the cute little stickers with the colorful borders and they’re an amazing friend of mine <3 sorry it took so long for me to get your art up buddy

Anyways that wraps it up!! I love all this art!!