Peek Inside 3FLOZ's Awesome New Airport Kiosks

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(Photo: Air Repair)

When news spread that 3FLOZ, the genius purveyor of TSA-friendly beauty products, was readying to launch kiosks at airports this year, I instantly did a happy dance. After all, the company is a favorite of many, including Birchbox. While I thought that we’d have to wait until the end of the year before the self-service machines were unveiled, my friends at Air Repair have revealed that they’re coming out in just a few weeks!

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Beauty Travel Essentials …

I’ll be heading out to LA for a nice long girls weekend on Friday with my Mom, Grandmother and sister - hope LA is prepared for us! As excited as I am, I know that taking a 6 hour flight on a Friday evening {after a long day at the office none-the-less!} and the red-eye back can wreak havoc on a girls face. It’s not a pretty sight, trust me, so I’ve pulled together a few of my quintessential travel companions, that help me look a tad bit better when I land. And as a side note, I really wish I were carrying on that fabulous Steamline Luggage in the Stylists group {serious love bubble.}

Travel Companions

1.       Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Beauty Kit

  1. Essential Air Repair Kit via 3floz.com

3.       Anya Hindmarch in-flight leather trimmed travel case. How chic?

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Eye mask via Fred Flare
  2. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

6.       Steamline Luggage, found on This is Glamorous

7.       Jet Setter image via


7 Things Never to Wear to the Airport (via @TheOprahShow)

Big Bottles of Beauty Products

You don’t necessarily wear them to the airport, but they’ll definitely get you stopped. "Follow the rules,” says Glassman, and lines will move quicker, and in turn, you’ll be more relaxed. Check out 3FlOz.com to find your favorite brands in security-friendly sizes.

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