This is cool but it really is only useful to me if I could import my own models from Solidworks and then move them around and create content in photoshop. Looks like at the moment you can only use stock items. - AK

Join Greg Smith from 3DVIA as he explains how to create a virtual photo shoot with new 3D technologies in Photoshop CS5 Extended. Try Photoshop CS5 Extended for free today at http://bit.ly/try_CS5psfb

Greg Smith is a 20 year veteran of the 3D computer graphics industry. Greg is currently exploring and implementing the extensive use of 3D models and animation for mainstream users. 3DVIA empowers anyone to create and publish 3D online through the 3DVIA platform of community, content and software. 3DVIA.com incorporates a warehouse of over 20,000 3D models available for use in Photoshop.