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What is the process of digital drawing with parametric cad softwares? I start with autocad for 2D, then I use SketchUp for a 3d model, 3dstudio and vray for a render and then photoshop for the details. Is it correct?

I don’t know, I have never designed using parametric cad softwares.

Can someone in the tumblrverse help us?

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Hello! Concerning all the questions on digital design process: everyone has a different process, there is not really a ‘correct’ way. I personally tend to start in 3D then go 2D: rhino (sometimes grasshopper), autocad, illustrator and for renderings, V-Ray, photoshop. For students trying to expand their process: look into Revit, Rhino (and its many plugins), AutoCAD, SketchUp, V-Ray and 3dsMax. Students might also want to check out what the firms they hope to join work with. Hope this helped~

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Better starting point is rhino with the grasshopper plug in

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Hi! I'm an Italian architecture student and I love your blog! I was wondering if you could suggest me what's the best process of digital drawing. I mean, is there a general sequence like "autocad->3dstudio->vray->photoshop" to follow?

We typically use Revit with one of its add-ons (like Lumion) to create the basic rendering and then finalize the entourage and details with Photoshop. I bet others use other processes!

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Rain, Sand, Stars - A Yak modeled with ZBrush and 3DStudio.