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PSA: For hackers still on 11.3, you can still play online with ctr-httpwn.

For anyone using Soundhax on 11.3, you may have noticed you are blocked from going to faraway towns or Club Tortimer. When attempting to access these features, you will be told that you need to update. However, you can still use these features without updating! The answer is ctr-httpwn.

What is ctr-httpwn?

ctr-httpwn allows hackers to prevent their 3DS from forcing them to update. As simple as that. This handy-dandy tool is included in the standard homebrew starter kit. If for some reason you do not have ctr-httpwn in your homebrew launcher, you can download it here

How to use ctr-httpwn.

To use ctr-httpwn, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch Homebrew (Cannot be used with browserhax! Soundhax is okay!)

2. Scroll down to ctr-httpwn icon as seen below and run it.

3. Press A when given the prompt. 

4. Wait until it says “Done.” and press start.

5. Once back on the Homebrew menu, press start and then press X to return to your 3DS menu without rebooting. (This is important!)

6. And finished! You’re ready to play online! 

Reminder: ctr-httpwn will deactivate if you turn off your system. You have to run this program following the above steps every time you want to play online in acnl after restarting your 3DS. 

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I’ve been moving to a new apartment. Here are some WIP assets intended for the touchscreen (on the 3DS). Due to the lack of VRAM, I’m trying to make it out of very small parts, which can be repeated and animated without taking up too much texture space.

I have done similarly styled animations before, but one single animation strip could be over 2000 pixels long(!), so I’m going to have to do some trickery to achieve even remotely similar results on a 128x128p image.

Here are some of those old animations:

Meanwhile: Kada (the programmer) has been hard at work getting networking to work! The basic framework is now in place, and it’s possible to move about and see the other player!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf [8 Villager Exploit Tutorial for Dream Villagers]

This “Exploit”* is used to get dream villagers quickly and easily, through a process that uses the New Leaf Movement system, and uses it to the advantage of the player. It requires time travelling, but no villagers should move out by accident. It’s simple, and exciting to do!

It’s really good to cycle particular personalities if you’re lucky to get onto a personality cycle that you like. (i.e. the Smug pool is really small, and easy to land the likes of Marshal and Julian)

Some Villagers I got from this:

  • Chief
  • Molly
  • Bianca
  • Phoebe
  • Lucky
  • Bangle
  • Julian (THREE TIMES oh my god. I never moved him in though)

Besides the obvious…

  1. NINE Villagers (Including one you want to move out, Eight you’ll keep)
  2.  Ability to Time travel through 3ds Menu (and fair knowledge on how to do so)
  3.  A list of goal villagers (Note: In this method, a lot of the time you will end up with one personality to cycle through. Make sure you have an idea of at least one villager per personality you want)
  4.  Campsite (Optional, but AMAZINGLY helpful)
  5.  Less than 3 characters
  6. A T.V./Book/Internet to keep yourself occupied.


Refers to the roped off area that appears the day before a villager moves in.


Means log on as one of your EXISTING characters, save and turn off. (Unless stated otherwise)


Balanced: Meaning you have at least 7 of the 8 personalities in your town AFTER the ninth villager has moved out.

Unbalanced: Meaning you have less than 7 of the personalities in your town 

These are important for the personality cycles


In this method, if you have an unbalanced town, you will end up cycling one particular personality 9/10 times. This is always one of your missing personalities in the town. 

For example, if you are missing Uchi and Normal in your town, you will begin to cycle either Only Uchi or Only Normal villagers (With some exceptions.) 

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Hi, I made some drawings with 3D effect of the 3DS.

Scan the QR code from your 3DS.

(While on the home menu, press the L+R to activate the camera.Tap the QR Code icon in the lower left corner).


Hola hice unos dibujos con el efecto 3D de la 3DS.

Escanea el código QR desde la 3DS.
(Desde el menu home, presionando L+R para activar la cámara. En la pantalla inferior, presionar el cuadrito que está a la izquierda :D)