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yo dudes!!! my team and I have been pouring our efforts and love into a PS4 hovercraft racing game called SmuggleCraft for the past 2 years, and we’re nearing the final week of our Kickstarter. We’re only 39% of the way to our goal, and so we’re really really hoping that we can push the campaign in the final week of our KS. 

If you think the game looks rad you should totally consider pledging! But if you’re not in a place where you can pledge, totally consider sharing it with your pals! Every bit goes towards getting this game out the studio and onto your Playstations and PCs ✨💜


The Black Sun Keeper Is an advanced synthetic assassin developed by Tao Fai Omni industry for use by the Men of the Black Sun. It has a developed mental acuity for mainly espionage operations but can function well in a guard or support role as well. Specifically designed to be IR and X-RAY invisible its skeletal system is composed mainly of porous air filled cartilage composites designed to retain shape even after severe deformation. Theoretically it is capable of collapsing its body to go through anywhere where it can fit its head. It has developed ocular organs capable of detecting minute temperature changes and spotting individuals at long distance. It has a large pseudo eye on the back of its head that can detect movement and heat, relaying to the brain as a reactive defense against position compromise.   

Usually it is armed with a Particle Accelerator gun, the weapon requires no external ammo supply as all lifetime “ammunition” is stored within. The weapon uses nuclear plasma Re-charger cells as a power source, these it will consume quickly even with staggered fire. 

Many high ranking Chinese personnel prefer them as bodyguards to other larger synthetics due to their ability to travel within the same vehicles as them and generally be less conspicuous when moving in public.