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Espresso Cup by Lukas Bast Design

This nice little Espresso Cup is a combination of latest technology and Nature. The porcelain part is 3D-printed with food save  ceramics, with two holes at the handle to be finished with some little branches, to make it an eye-catcher as well as a minimalistic coffee cup that connects you with the Nature your coffee comes from. It is a creation of Vienna based designer Lukas Bast.

You know, Ace Attorney has some really fuckin’ weird merch. Like, there’s all the normal stuff like figurines and cell straps and keychains and DS/3DS accessories and all that, but then there’s stuff like

Fancy Miles Edgeworth teacups?

A rose-scented Miles Edgeworth candle??

Grape juice Wine and a Blue Badger wine glass????

Toilet paper??????


Bubble Ball and Wand by Lance McGregor & Othr

Bubbles are a crowd-pleaser on every party and this exceptional 14k Gold wand and white ceramic ball are an eye-catcher even if they are not in use. Lance McGregor created the Bubble Ball an Wand together with the 3D-printed  design and home accessory specialist Othr.


So it super sucks that Disney Infinity has been cancelled as I was hoping to make bases for all of the Disney Princesses eventually. With that in mind I’ve decided to spend my energy creating bases for my second favorite toy/video game, Nintendo’s Amiibo series! 

My first base is Re-tail, home of Reese and Cyrus, from the awesome Animal Crossing series. My plans are to create bases for the whole Animal Crossing series and then make bases for some of my other favorite characters like Wind Waker Link.

As usual I modeled in Rhino, 3D printed on my Flashforge, and hand painted it. I hope everyone likes it and that it’s a worthy successor for the Disney Infinity Bases. 


Finished working on modeling Scarlet and his weapons! It was my first time using Blender’s texture painting, and I’m pretty pleased with what I accomplished! :D

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So I have decided that I definitely needed another hood ornament. My obsession with Pokemon Go of course being the impetus :) And of course i had to represent my team… Team Mystic!

As always, modeled in Rhino, printed on my Flashforge, and hand painted. Although this time I added the extra complication of creating a mold and blue tinting some resin to create the transparent gem!

Hope you all like it! Go Team Mystic!


Sweet Sugar Bowl from Table7 series by UAU Project

The Polish design Studio UAU Project has a strong focus on 3D-Printing. After a few 3D-Printed planters and lamps, they started a seven items strong series of table elements. The first item is now being released, and it is this Cupcake inspired Sweet Sugar Bowl.


So I needed a game case for my growing 3DS library and instead of buying one I decided to make my own. I figured nothing was more appropriate than a Mario cube for that purpose. With that in mind, I modeled, printed, and painted what I think is a pretty cool case. Hope ya’ll like it too.


A mini modern scene in 1:12 scale. 

The lamp, gold tray and blue basket are 3D printed from Shapeways.com. The succulents are from TheMiniatureGarden on Etsy. My guinea pig, Olly, is from HandmadeByNovember on Etsy. And somehow I did it, I wove the wicker basket by hand!

More info and sources at Kittyandkatminiatures.com


This American Tactical AR is sweet. It has a polymer upper and lower, and the whole setup feels so clean and light. I like it a lot, and it almost makes me question the existence of the rest of my AR family, as they seem so bulky in comparison.

Plus the design in the polymer looks awesome, and we need those fashion points…Even the mag it came with looks great.

Of course there are a few 3d printed accessories….