…Is a Friend Indeed

It seems that Ganondorf may have a soft spot after all (however small it may be). Will he now be more open to kindness? Or will he continue being a “Grumpy Gus”? Time will tell.

The question submission for the Q&A has come to an end. Hopefully you were able to get your questions in. The sort-of podcast in which Yayster and I answer the questions will be up soon. Expect it next Monday, August 1.

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                       ATTENTION ANYONE THAT HAS
                       A 3DS/2DS & ANIMATES IN 2D

If you have created a “My Nintendo” account, Nintendo’s new rewards website, you can download “Flipnote Studio 3D” for FREE until April 30th, 2016! Animate or even plan animations on the go! :D You can even export your animations as an AVI or GIF file!!

                                      Spread the word!

To sign up for a “My Nintendo” account, just go to my.Nintendo.com :)

Meet Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, the new starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon ⊟ 

Get your hashtags ready to declare which starter team you’ve chosen to commit to! These three cuties will be the starter creatures for Pokémon Sun and Moon when the 3DS game launches worldwide this November 18.

This one is a dang seal:

This one is an adorable owl:

And this one has my heart:

We now have boxarts, too:

You can preorder from Amazon now (with a 20% Prime discount).

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