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It’s more of a wonder as to how she didn’t sprain her ankles.

In other news, Omega Mode will no longer be updating on Friday nights/Saturdays. In order to accommodate my schedule of classes, Omega Mode will now be updated on Tuesdays, starting on September 8.

Until then, have a nice Labor Day.


Nintendo 3DS - Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer PAX Trailer

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Dragon Quest VIII 3DS VS Playstation 2, Battle Load Times:

Here’s a video showcasing the load time differences between the 3DS and Playstation 2 versions of Dragon Quest VIII. First you’ll see 3DS and PS2 individually then both at the same time. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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TinyCast 74 - Li'l Butler eXperience
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TinyCast 74! Before talking about what makes Little Battlers eXperience and Level-5 games in general so comforting, we discuss the Nintendo Direct’s worth of news and amiibo (despite the lack of an actual Nintendo Direct) from the past week.

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So since I had time to kill before I post a video at 6PM, I figured “why not EV train some Pokemon I plan on training?”

So I gather my Linoones and Venusaur to help EV train my Pichu, Roselia, and Treecko. Took a few minutes to spread the virus because Roselia was being greedy and wouldn’t pass it on to Pichu and Treecko.

Then I head to Route 119 to EV train in Special Attack but unfortunately, it’s raining, so I can’t use Sweet Scent. Went on Serebii to see if there’s any other place to encounter Oddish in hordes and settled for Route 117 despite it having a 60% chance of it. Saw the shiny sprite on the site and thought it looked kinda cool.

First horde encounter was 4 Oddish and a Zigzagoon. Found it odd(ish), so I just ran in hopes of finding one with 5 Oddish. Second horde was Roselia but they give 2 Special Attack points. I wasn’t mentally preparing the math in my head for 2 Points, so I ran. Third horde was Oddish and Zigzagoon again and I ran. Feeling defeated, I thought “fine, I’ll just have to kill them individual without killing the Zigzagoon.”

Next horde and this fucker shows up… So if I want to catch it, I MUST kill the Zigzagoon and since I don’t know if catching Pokemon actually adds EV points since catching Pokemon gives EXP, I’m gonna have to erase all the points I’ve done so far just to be safe.

so uh

what’s the deal with amiibo in america? pretty much everything is available now (or at least it is in scotland…) but i still see so many folk saying there are loads that are impossible to find. my local game shop is stocked to the brim with pretty much all of them! I mean they’re like £5 more than the RRP but still, they’re there. someone educate me.