Thank you for the warm response to the #crittatykes #Bloo post yesterday, everyone! Super excited to show ya another collab by me and my pal, sculptor extreme, @thechristopherwright! Meet #Hammy. #Resin? Possibly. #Vinyls? We hope. Still a #WIP. Here’s a quick draw over I did for Chris to add a lil tail. How else can this poor feller swim and steer through the blue unknown? More info soon. 🎉🎶 #creatorown #tabletaffy #seancheeksgalloway #cheeks74 #zbrush #toys #collectortoy #diy #smallbusiness
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Mechwarrior fan Valcrow has created an awesome 6” (152mm) tall 3D printed posable Atlas, watch the images below. It is composed of roughly 30 parts (excluding pegs) and most of the major joints are movable. It is printed in silver PLA on a desktop 3D printer. “The biggest challenge was keeping the integrity of the atlas design while making the joints operational in a physical model, coupled with the limitations of FDM printing.” says Valcrow.

More images can be found here.“ ~ 3ders.org


Piano Neck-Tie 3dprinted by Materialination

personalfactory: Materialination mentioned about adding soundsystem to Piano Neck-Tie in the future. What about creating small projector on the necklace displaying virtual Piano Neck-Tie (like those virtual keyboards) ? Of course you/it would be able to play your favorite song (interactive) or even you could switch instrument for a saxophone, DJ decks, trombone, violin or drums. In this case of the projector would be 3dprinted according to shape of desired instrument ;]