Renderings for TERA-1 in Upstate, New York

This fall, @aispacefactory is building this futuristic design on a tree-filled site along the Hudson River

This future earth habitat came out of a competition to design a 3D-printed mission outpost for NASA – “it turns out the material we developed is stronger than concrete, but whereas concrete is pretty awful for our planet, ours is renewable and can be recycled or eventually composted”

The shell material, a mix of basalt fiber and PLA (which is processed from corn) is renewable, recyclable and compostable. Their goal is to create a net-zero energy, net-zero waste building that will become a model for future construction

TERA is available for overnights stays in Spring 2020. It will remain at the site for one year, then be recycled and reprinted in a new location. Reservations available via: @aispacefactory


The Clarent - Blood of Arthur

3d modeled and printed by me, finished with automotive paints. Added a special colorshift pigment to the blade. It changes colors from teal to blue to purple. Check my etsy store for Stl files. www.Etsy.com/gsprops



We’re back, and we’ve added NINE NEW SPECIES, plus NEW SKULL EARRINGS, and special edition GEM PENDANTS!

New Species

The new skull pendants include: The mighty POLAR BEAR, the massive MOOSE, the elusive MOUNTAIN LION (aka Cougar or Puma), the bizarre MUNTJAC, the echolocating FRUIT BAT, the powerful SNAPPING TURTLE, the bushy-tailed PINE MARTEN, the armored NINE-BANDED ARMADILLO, and the elegant BLUE HERON!

Gem Skulls

We’ve made three special edition GEM SKULL PENDANTS that add a customized pop of color to the OWL MONKEY, GOAT, and RAVEN!

New Skull Earrings

We’ve also expanded our earring collection to include MODERN HUMAN, BLUE HERON, and MERINO RAM.


Everything is available now at special Kickstarter prices, which are 30-40% lower than retail! CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE NEW SKULLS!


“I wish it were as easy to banish hunger by pressing that button”

Title freely quoted from Diogenes the Cynic (410-323 BC)

A bust fragment of Diogenes the Cynic is physically connected to an electronic mainboard. Its software monitors the number of likes of an Instagram post consisting of a photograph of the artwork and its title. In case the post does not recieve at least one like every twelve hours, its life bar consisting of four LEDs drops. The installation will shut itself down forever if the life bar drops to zero.
Updates on the state of the sculpture will be transmitted using Instagram stories.


The closed/open sign was designed by Quintox30

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Bitsy greets new friend, #Hexa

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Oh nuts I didn’t realise I’d failed to post the earlier progress for this here! I’ve been on Instagram.
I’m making articulated bat wings! It was going to be for a LARP but now it’s just for me to transcend from disappointing humanity 👌

This is an earlier prototype made with 3D printed finger plates and knuckles, with straws for finger bones and elastic for tendons.

The final is going to be shaped over the top of the armature for more organic bones/knuckles and webbed over with fabric down to about the knee!


Halcyon table lamp by Joe Parker and Gantri

Joe Parker is a British designer, who created this lamp with the help of the Gantri’s Table Light System. The Halcyon called lamp is designed for a multipurpose use in todays modern urban apartments. It can be used as a task light or, with a twist at the ends of the shade and switching their positions, it can be turned into an ambient light. The contemporary shape got influenced by mid-century Danish designs, resulting in its minimalistic appearance. The body is 3D-printed with a handcrafted finish.

Testing Custom 3-D Printed Prosthetics for Refugees
Healing Wounds of War in the Middle East: What began as a trauma project more than a decade ago has evolved into something much bigger.
By Doctors Without Borders

Caring for patients whose lives have been shattered by bullets, shrapnel, or severe burns is often a long and complex process.

Off-the-shelf prosthetics can be prohibitively expensive and are generally one size fits all. But no two patients are alike—from lifestyle to skin tone to aspirations, each has different needs when it comes to the prosthetic design that will benefit them most.

This is where 3-D printing comes in.


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