3DIY Version 0.02

I’m thrilled to be restarting this project after 2 years of research and learning. Hopefully this blog document of my struggles helps someone out there trying to do something similar.

This is my map of my 10 week bootcamp for creating a small collection of design products that incorporate available advanced manufacturing techniques. In this project I hope to emerge with an idea of the necessities needed to develop my own set of designed goods that I am proud of, that the things I’m selling are lasting in quality, that they serve a unique or useful purpose and most importantly, that they teach me something I can share with others about the ever-evolving process of product design. also, PINK. Forever.

Announcing a few more speakers
Kevin Jaedon @no.thisiskevin
Hamish Campbell @pearlfisherlive
Maddy Maxey
Lauren Slowik
Mark Gardner
Famous in Bushwick @famousinbushwick & David Benjamin

They are going to be amazing! See you tonight @kinfolk94

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3D Super Star Ray Zone Dead at 65

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3D Industry-   One of the most well-known, well-liked and enthusiastic supporters of 3D, Ray Zone, passed away suddenly from a heart attack at age 65 on November 13.  Insight Media joins all of the 3D community in mourning the loss of this inspiring person.  He will be mightily missed.  A memorial gathering is being planned for early December, but details are not yet available.  

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広告界のニュース&情報ポータル | AdverTimes(アドタイ)

日本企業で唯一最終選考に 博報堂傘下のWHITE、SXSWで


スマートフォンをセットしてバーチャルリアリティ(VR)映像が見られる紙製ゴーグル「みるボックス・タッチ(Milbox Touch)」で、「VR&AR(拡張現実)」部門にエントリーした。導電性インクを用いて、視聴中にスマホを操作できる点が特徴。

Brain Power System(Brain Power)
DESKGEN(Destop Genetics)
DNA Tinker Studio(Synbiota)
EpiWatch(THREAD & Johns Hopkins University)

Brain Power System(Brain Power)
Don’s Voice(Not Impossible)
Hackaball(Made by Many)
Open Sesame! (Sesame Enable)

Form 2(Formlabs)
Proto BuildBar(Real Art)
Ulitmaker2 Go and Ultimaker2(Ultimaker)

Here Active Listening System(Doppler Labs)
LISNR – Made in America Music Festival(LISNR)
Pulse Solo(Sengled USA)
Trackd(Trackd Music)

Fairphone 2(Fairphone)
Food Corridor(The Food Corridor)
ShareTheMeal(UN World Food Programme)

Adblock Fast(Rocketship)
Peeple(Building 10 Technology)
SUPERNERDS – A Night of Surveillance(gebrueder beetz
filmproduktion/WDR/Schauspiel Köln)
Torch, Let it Shine.(Fancy Rhino)

Caress of the Gaze(USC)
Longwood Gardens: New Heights(Bluecadet)
Science Friday Website(Bluecadet)

DESKGEN(Desktop Genetics)
Here Active Listening System(Doppler Labs)
IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture(IKEA + Veryday)
Lily Camera(Lily)

View Intelligence 2.0(View)

Plant-like Robot(Ji Won Jun)
Physiclo by Knock(Physiclo)
Watch Dogs(Jay Hong, Sangli Li)
What is Home? (Studio 20 – NYU)

Collect & Connect(Flightless)
Fallen of World War II(Neil Halloran)
HELP(Google Spotlight Stories / Bullitt / The Mill)
Last Hours of Laura K(BBC)
LUMO(Lumo Interactive)

「VR & AR」部門
Milbox Touch(WHITE)
Mill Stitch(The Mill)
Project Syria(Peter Flaherty, Logan Brown, & VR Playhouse)

Brain Power System(Brain Power)
Here Active Listening System(Doppler Labs)
Quell® Wearable Pain Relief Technology(NeuroMetrix)
Vivi(Method/Global Logic)



DIY Curtains Repurpose to a Summer Scarf!

  • do i dare? i have beige shear curtains from school…

these are the colors that i found and that andrew approved! they are from olympic and are part of the collection called rejuvenate. they’re cool and calming and i like the green and yellow mixed in. if i had a house, it would definitely work around the colors blue, green, yellow, and gray/taupe–i’m on the fence aka brown/beige is really only acceptable to me if its wood, fabric, or furniture. the bottom 8 are based off my fiestaware colors and are not necessarily going to be slapped up on walls; they and their lighter counterparts would more likely be accents.

i FINALLY got around to accepting some colors. this is fabulous for such an indecision person. but when i’m decided, i’m freaking decided! ta da….

okay i’m not decide. i need to browse benjamin moore. i like the no-VOC thing olympic and them do so that’s a start :) #stayingpositive