New article released today. Scientists believe we are living in a #hologram. Your mainstream scientists are finally catching up with my ancient knowledge. This caption a is repost from myself in 2012. We are living in a #fractal #holographic matrix. A fully immersed hologram in a #HolographicUniverse. The edges of our #universe are #2dimensional plains that form a #3dimensional #dodecahedron that is projecting the #holographic #fractals of which we are a part of and in which your #spirit is currently #trapped in. Your spirit is outside of this #spacetime model and is being #broadcast in like a radio #frequency. None of us are actually here. This #3rdDimension matrix is a type of #consciousness #prison. #4biddenknowledge

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Partners Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman, collectively known as Stallman, marry their individual talent and vision to create mesmerizing three dimensional sculptures out of canvas and paint. Their newest collection of work, titled ‘Canvas on the Edge’, aims to highlight the nature of the materials by giving the impression of movement through the use of elevated structures. Different angles reveal varying perspectives that play with a range of colour spectrums reflecting off the ridged canvas.

The Pacific Northwest-based duo create each sculpture in tandem, merging as one to produce something unique. Where one acts as the left side of the brain, the other becomes the right, attempting to dissolve boundaries and form a piece that is completely balanced. The two draw inspiration from the natural world, mimicking biological gradients and cellular patterns within each work.

Each multi-faceted sculpture permeates a hypnotic sense of calm, as the pair successfully modify the traditional medium of paint and canvas by adding a new, creative edge.


Isn’t it funny to think that the villains in our stories have feelings too? That they, as well as the protagonist, have family members dying in their hospital beds, have bad homes where love doesn’t exist, have insecurities, feel pain. The thing is, in stories we only get one point of view. And from that point of view we draw our conclusions. But we only see one side of the story most of the time. These people that we vilify in books, in movies, in real life, they are not one dimensional beings, they have aspirations like you do. They have the same blood pumping through their veins. They enjoy music, books, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, sometimes as much as you do. The only things separating you from them is your prejudice against them. Sure they make bad decisions that define them as bad people. But we all make those decisions, the ones that may make us seem like the villain every once and a while. Maybe you are actually the villain in someone’s story. The things is, we can’t all be heroes all of the time, and no one can be the villain the entire time. There is always a reason behind what they do. Maybe you just can’t see it. The entire thing is a lesson in perception. What you choose to see, is what you see.


Imogen Heap sculps music  3dimensionally with magic gloves, welcoming us to the Future.

Recently downloaded this app bc they approached me about using one of my insta’s for a local feature of theirs and I’m totally hooked! I almost always test out new apps, but very rarely do most of them last long enough to keep up with my personal expectations. This one has tons of potential and may possibly be exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Here’s why:
1) User interface is a rotating cube. It’s not only fun to spin from category to category, but it’s #EASY. Feels #3Dimensional and I like that.
2) Top stories pull from websites I actually read. Content so far has been decent. Def saw topics I didn’t see in my inbox for my lunchbreak reads. At the end of the day, if you’re feeding me content I care about. You’re a #winner. #goldstar for sure.
3) LOCAL features. I live in NYC with no cable tv & I prefer visuals with/and compelling stories about what’s going on in this city. That doesn’t mean I need silly lists of what’s new and cheap to do/eat, but I do like to hear about (smart) good people who’ve set up shop in my hood. I prefer culture & music references more than anything…and also ice cream. 👌

If you’ve read through this, give yourself a high five 👍 & make sure you download @spunnyc. At the end of the day, you’re giving a BK startup some love & helping them build something better. PS: it is also avail in cool cities like SF, Portland & Miami! Have fun.

Thanks #spun for giving this lil lady something new & useful to play!😆👍🙏

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