So I ALMOST finished my 3 Day Cosplay Challenge. But, due to some anxiety attacks and sleepiness, I could not finish one of the sleeves and was not able to wear the costume to Akaicon. =( 
I will post all wip pics and stuff soon. 

3 Day Cosplay Challenge
Day 2

Remember that under $50 part? Using the coupon I got from Joann.com, I spent about $47 on all of my fabric and supplies. I made the headdress and I also got started sewing the dress.

3 Day Cosplay Challenge
Ok so this is just a challenge I made for myself honestly…but anyone can try it if they want to. 
3 Days
Less than $50
“Star Wars Young Princess Luna” (MLP/SW CROSSOVER)
I already have some of the components needed to complete this costume, so i feel like my budget won’t be that bad. 
I have: the wig, the shorts, and the shoes. 
I need: the headdress, the sleeves, the “kimono”, and the sash

I sketched out how I want the final product to look. I then went to the fabric store and scoped out some colors and fabrics and how much they were going to be. I came back home and took my measurements and wrote them down (in this case, I measured my shoulder width, my waistline, and how long I want the “kimono” to be). I also looked for any coupons I could print out for the fabric/craft store to make my purchase cheaper. 

At the end of day one all I got done was the drafting process, however I don’t think that days 2 and 3 are going to give me much trouble. I picked a relatively easy costume to make and there isn’t going to be too much sewing involved.