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I feel like every 3D animated movie that comes out uses the same quick unappealing animation. Like they're afraid to break away from the set look of glossy textures, stiff movement, and boring simple designs.

Honestly like I was so impressed with the design choices and the colors in the The Book Of Life I was hoping other animation companies would step up their game but I guess not lol. Just make it cute and round that won’t get stale


Hello! Happy #NoShameDay! (Is that a thing you should say ‘Happy ___ Day!’ to???) 

I’m 16, and I was born with a thing called optic nerve hypoplasia, which means that while my mum was pregnant with me, my optic nerve(s) didn’t develop properly. Because of this, I have no sight in my left eye, and bad vision in my left eye.

Fun fact - I was also born with a part of my brain missing. Septo optic dysplasia I think my mum said it’s called. It’s a part of the optic nerve hypoplasia.

People always say “I had no idea you were blind!” when I tell them I can’t see, and then give me weird looks when I hold things close to my face to see… :/ And then sometimes people say “You can’t be!” when they see my drawings.

But my friends (and little kids) are so impressed with my cane, they think it’s the coolest thing ever, so that’s pretty cool, I guess!

I don’t really wanna talk about any of the teasing and general crap I went through (and still sometimes get), since that’s even more awkward to talk about. But I would like to say, people with full sight, pretty please appreciate your vision! :D You’re so lucky, to be able to play soccer, and watch 3D movies, and not have people come up to you on the side you can’t see with and scare the hell out of you, haha… You’re very lucky, and I’m so jealous. But honestly, if given the chance, I think I’d rather stay the way I am. I’ve grown used to this, and have had so many good experiences (Thanks, Guide Dogs!! :D) to pretty much balance out the bad.

Hehehe I didn’t have school…. so, uhm, yeah. If ya’ll want a real good two Jacks one cup fic go read Hope’s stuff (warning it’s nsfw but it’s really really goood). She has more, but that one is super amazing and kicks my stuff in the dirt.

Other part-ish thing.

The sun was out and Hiccup covered his eyes as he glanced at the sky and then down to his phone. He made a face, the twins were twenty minutes late and if they didn’t make it they were going to miss the movie. Bouncing on his heels he waited outside the theater like they had agreed, checking both ways of the sidewalk to see any sign of them. Ever since they had agreed to all go out together, he was nervous something would go wrong.

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