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Beautiful 3D flower done using Key Lime Pie! #Repost @nailsbykmv with @repostapp
Just playing around with my @thenailcakery acrylics. The base is a combination of the colors and the flower is Key Lime Pie (which is a pretty pastel green) which you probably can’t tell 😔. One thing I can say is that the acrylic does very nice 3D work 😊. #nails #nailswag #nailporn #dmvnailartist #blackgirlsdonailstoo #dmvnailtech #dmvnailartist #dmvnails #nails #nailsbykmv

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Know How To Look Beautiful With Artificial nail

Know How To Look Beautiful With Artificial nail


It used to be that a typical Vancouver manicure would end with a simple polishing. The wildest you could do was get a French tip, paint your nails red or even wilder, in neon colors! But Japan’s come up with something really crazy and beautiful –the artificial nail craze.

Having fake nails attached will certainly have you stand out and get noticed. Whatever color, shape or style you prefer, there’s a Vancouver nail salon that can address your needs! If you are looking for well groomed nails but don’t have the time to visit a Japan nail salon every day, then Vancouver Japanese nail art is the perfect solution!

When attached by a professional Richmond nail salon, Vancouver 3d nails have a lot of advantages. Here are a couple of them:

· As these nails are made of artificial materials: they tend to last a long time and are very tough, even the delicate intricate ones. That means you don’t have to worry about breaking a nail. Also, you can be sure that your natural nails are protected since professional nail salons use products of the highest quality.

· Freshens up a look. If you are looking for a fashion statement, then you’d be happy to know that fake nails are the ultimate accessory.

· Can be customized to fit anyone’s nails, whatever size they may be

· Literally hundreds of designs to choose from to fit whatever type of personality you might have. There are actually some artists who specialize in customized nail designs

· Event-specific designs are available for weddings, parties, holidays, etc. Now you don’t have to wear daring clothes just to show your personality. Through your nails, you can adhere to the dress code of formal occasions and still express the unique you.

· Vancouver 3d nails are perfectly safe as long as you take care of it properly and when the right precautions are followed.

· Covers up broken or ugly nails. Now you don’t have to worry about chipped nails!

· Effectively prevents nail biting. The artificial nails are durable and you will have a hard time biting them. Aside from that, why would you want to bite your nails and destroy the beautiful design?

You need to keep in mind, however, that Vancouver 3d nails, are not for everyone. You may want to be fitted with artificial nails because they look beautiful, but will these nails really fit your lifestyle? If you work with your hands, then you can very easily damage your nails. You might have to make adjustments if you want fake nails.

Should you choose to have some attached, here are a few tips to remember:

· Safety first: take care not to break the nails, and should you break them, have them repaired or replaced by professionals. Tampering with the adhesive and chemicals without understanding how to use them can get you an allergy, or worse, an infection.

· If you do your own nails at home, never share the tools you use with anyone. And keep them clean. If unsure about anything regarding the health and maintenance of your nails, consult the pros.

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From a delayed flight to major traffic, my Natasha from Alabama never fails to travel long and far for us! Thank you for the love and support my dear 😘 This set is done with color changing gel. The darker color appears when you’re cold (we sprayed alcohol). #nails #naildesign #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #naildesigns #insta #instagood #instalike #instavideo #instahappy #instadaily #instabeauty #instanails #potd #votd #love #pink #3d #flowers (at Galaxy Nails)

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