3d technique

Things I’m waiting to see in the kuro movie

- Everything.

But specifically:

- Dr. Feelgood:

- “We’re The Midfords”:

- “My mother did this to my hair because we’re going to church today” hairstyle:

- “You’re a freak but not for me” scene:

- “I am alone but I have food”:

- Masters of deception:

- Sportacus:

- Resident Evil. Starring Ronald Redfield:

- “Your face is grass and I’m gonna mow it”:

-”Even though I have to kill you I admit you have nice shoes”:

- This guy:

- “I am secretly a five year old inside of a demon’s body”:

- Ceiling Lizzy + “You just seem to keep falling for me”:

- Female character people would have liked more if she had been a boy:

- Jealous is the new red:

- Fetus Ciel:

- This guy snorts when he laughs:

- Titanic 3D:

- I am all technique (but I have killed many while trying to acquire the perfect precision):

- Emperor Nero + That moment when everyone was tired of Druitt’s shit and wanted to kill him:

- “My hair hides my true identity”:

- Undertaker’s real name is Charlie Chaplin:

- This scene will look awesome animated:

- Yandere! Sebastian + That moment when everybody’s heart broke:

- The origins:

- #LetUsAllHugFetusCiel 

- “Maybe this burnt down mansion was a bad idea”:

- “Cause you’re hot and you're cold, 

don’t wash me at all. 

You’ve hurt me, get out. 

It’s too hot, I’m out!”:

- The mistery of where Sebastian’s left hand is in here will finally be solved:

- More fetus Ciel:

- “And he was like, ‘hey bastard, your ends are split’ and I was like ‘just like your girlfriend’s legs last night, but you don’t see me complaining about it now, do you?’”

- It would have hurt more if he had hit the top of his hands instead of just the palms + Oh, so you suddenly feel the heat but you couldn’t manage to make a simple fucking bath, huh?:

- I don’t care if she doesn’t even talk I just wanna see her in the movie:

- Madam please, I’m still not over you:

- “Sweet kiss, shitty ass crown. Just get me a princess tiara and we can pretend”:

- When you think you know a lot of stuff for your age so you bother your father about it, but then your old man gets tired of you and hits you with the harsh reality:

- *Mmm watcha say…*

- Do you think Sebastian DiCaprio will get his oscar after this?

And of course… The thing that most definitely has to appear…



BurntPasta’s Flipnote Studio 3D Color Mixing Tutorial!

I do my best to showcase how I mix colors using different colors and brush textures/fill textures~


A lot of my color combinations were created by experimenting. Sometimes something would start off green with a layer of white using the first texture with a layer of blue on top using one of the later textures and I would end up making a lighter turquoise color.. 

I encourage everyone who animates or even just ‘arts’ in general on flipnote to experiment with all kinds of color combinations! :3 

For example: The best grey is actually created with the checker pattern brush of yellow on bottom, blue on top! (or vice versa!) It can be seen on the mettaton ex doodle seen above! Using white on black kind of creates a harsher grey that does not look metallic at all and blends in too much with the black outlines..

Another example is using Red on Green in the checker pattern brush creates a warm brown… Perfect for trees, monster kid stripes, or even hair color!

I tend to create the colors on the character first and then go back with either of the stripe pattern brushes with black to create shading since it allows both of the under-colors show through… But for high-lights, I prefer to use the checker brush and paint on white. ^^

Always remember that the more spaced out your brush is, the more you will see colors on lower layers, so you do a lot more mixing because of this! 

I would like to take a second to thank the anon who asked ‘how I color with Flipnote’ that prompted this tutorial! <3 

I’ve been meaning to do one for a while now, but I’ve never done a full-fledged tutorial before… ^^; 


PS: My favorite colors to make in flipnote are the purple made with red and blue and the checker brush, and turquoise made the same way with blue and green. lawl. >3<


Extraordinary Tales (2015)

Extraordinary Tales is an anthology of five animated tales based on classic Edgar Allan Poe stories presented in a feature film format. Through his encounters with the Raven, Poe is given one last chance to divert his destiny in a series of macabre adventures. Using sophisticated 3D rendering and lighting techniques, each segment will visually express the graphic universe of illustration’s masters, thus visually matching the expressionist genius of Edgar Allan Poe’s writing. 

Includes: “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “The Fall of the House of Usher,” “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar,” and “The Masque of the Red Death.”


KÀ by Cirque du Soleil | Behind the Blockbuster: 3D Head Scan

The KÀ team has replaced the old-fashioned plaster head molding process with a 3D head scan technique. This not only makes the process more efficient, but also allows the team to recreate a prop at any time. Watch as they explain the head scan process in detail!

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/2L48Gfs6GoE


1DDCB (New Age Dark Age)

Creative coding project by @ravenkwok uses the Processing programming language to develop audio visuals with 3D Voronoi technique:

1DDCB is a hybrid, basically blending rules and visual forms used in the generative systems for Skyline (vimeo.com/139977231) & Stickup (vimeo.com/147383431). As always, this system is programmed using Processing, and produces the visual for Karma Fields’ (soundcloud.com/karmafields) New Age Dark Age debut album announcement.

Like Stickup, 1DDCB consists of multiple layers of quadtree structures, which recursively subdivide themselves to random patterns. The vertices of each cell within the quadtree are used as seeds to generate a layer of Voronoi tessellation, collectively forming a fragmental geometric chaos.



Tywin Lannister Sculpt Timelapse


Savannah is finally compete! She take a long time… with so many problems… @_@ 

Problems aside, she’s not perfect, as always. I tried a few new techniques. 3D ears, color changing, a longer tail, and a more proper and less fluffy tail. I actually like this way more than Festive’s fluff of a tail. I’m almost tempted to get some sort of wire and stick it in her ears and in her tail for they can be adjustable.

No progress shots of her, I used that time to take pictures for the pattern… which may have gotten lost because my camera sucks. Oi. Oh well. Many more attempts to come.

Next on my list will be either a Mini Marsh or a Mini Skiffy, or both at the same time, since I need to wait for a yarn cutter.

More pictures can be found here in my imgur album dedicated to these lovey charr plushies. http://imgur.com/a/cW8vq

So I kind of tried to get a 3D feel with this “technique”, first time I tried my hands at such :D It takes quite some time actually, I thought it is easier >.>

So yeah, uhm… what ya think? <.<