3d tagging

when you log on to relax and are immediately flooded with negativity


You know these classic (yet terribly annoying) porn bots that either follow you or randomly like your posts? Well one day, 11 grandma porn blogs liked my same post.

grandma porn blogs.

I didn’t even know that existed.x’DDD

did you guys got something like this once? I mean beside the classic porn blogs, did you got very random/weird blogs that liked your posts or followed you? I’m curious….x’D

bonus (The following contain a pic that I found in one of these blogs. no worry though it is not porn. There was just a nipple but I censored it. It is also in small and the bonus is obviously not only about this pic. The bonus is totally sfw. I just warn you so you won’t be surprised xD) :

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It’s that time again.

I need to follow more blogs. Yep. Reblog or like if your blog is full of the following:

  • Pokemon
  • Undertale
  • Animal Crossing
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Markiplier
  • Pewdiepie
  • Danisnotonfire
  • AmazingPhil
  • Achievement Hunter
  • Rooster Teeth
  • Stardew Valley
  • Harvest Moon
  • Sims 4
  • Sims 3
  • Android Games
  • MMOs
  • PS4 Games
  • Steam Games
  • 3DS Games
  • Games
  • Video Games
  • Video Games of any nature IMH

I’ll check out your blog to see if you are follow worthy. ye