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The problem with Lunafreya isn’t that she’s weak, it’s that she’s got Strong Female Character syndrome. 

Having cool powers and doing badass things is not a substitute for getting to know a character’s mistakes, quirks, sense of humour, blind spots, weaknesses, prejudices and pet peeves.  For too long, writers have used the Strong Female Character gambit as an excuse not to give female characters three dimensional personalities and equal screentime in the narrative.  

By the end of FFXV I didn’t know enough about who Luna is in day-to-day life to even picture what her dynamic with Noctis might be like.  So how the hell am I supposed to buy that so much hinges on their tragic true love?  It’s an especially glaring problem when contrasted with Noctis’ friendships, which by comparison are mapped out in high-definition 3D with surround sound. 

Ultimately I feel like poor Luna was short-shrifted by the devs wanting to make a game about friendship and then shoehorning in a plot-central romance.  Other FF games with a romantic plot focus (FFVIII, FFX) kept that front and centre from the start and worked better for it. 

They could have at least let us read a couple of those damn book letters. 


We’ve spent a week with the Audi Q7, and we honestly didn’t want to give it back. We’ve enjoyed all of its amazing features while exploring Pittsburgh further, commuting to work, and adventuring to the beach.

Whether it was smoothly navigating Pittsburgh with the Audi Virtual Cockpit; pumping up the volume on the Bose 3D Surround Sound at the beach; or seamlessly getting to-and-from work in Pittsburgh traffic with Audi’s Traffic Jam Assist, the Audi Q7 has been a blast to drive!

Audi’s Virtual Cockpit has all the benefits of a traditional instrument cluster with added bonus features. For example, the display will show you the posted speed limit, can cycle through your Bluetooth enabled phone’s contact list or playlist, and even has a crystal-clear Google Earth navigation map, all right in front of your steering wheel. The Bose 3D Surround Sound is simply amazing; we were jammin’ out the entire week. Finally, a big hit for Justin was Traffic Jam Assist. The Audi Q7 literally took the stress out of driving in stop & go traffic, and saved Justin from freaking out about Nick’s sometimes-horrible driving. Did we mention the air-ventilated seats? I mean, this was big for us, guys… summer in Pittsburgh almost demands this!

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