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Pokeball 3D Sprite

I remade the 3D pokeball sprite which I made with @3d-bear‘s help yesterday. I reduced the resolution by half (more spritey) and also limited the colours to a 2nd-Gen-esque palette to give it a nicer look. I also moved the light source as @3d-bear suggested it would look better this way.


Look at this cute little guy and his stupid, floppy head.

I made this for a contest, in which I had to design the baby form a pseudo-legendary dragon type Fakemon. It’s a little stuffed animal dragon, dual Normal / Dragon types. It has the ability Protective, which boosts its attack stat by one stage when swapping in for every Pokemon on your team with critically low health (besides this Pokemon).

Check out the making of these gifs here:


ampharos sprite review

the Best little man (separated by gen to make it easier on my soul)

gen 2 (g/s/c)

very nice and round man. the bottom one gives the beginnings of the Signature lanky look, yet i can still appreciate the smallness of the top one. also his arms look like fins and i mean that in the best way??? 8/10

gen 3 (r/s/e/fr/lg)

THE LANKY BOY. long neck gives him a good weighted look and i can dig it. r/s/e/fr/lg took the cautious approach while emerald’s more modeled after the first gen 2 sprite. the top one has a better line of action though i think i like that the most VERY NICe 9/10

gen 4 (d/p/pt/hg/ss)

clearly ampharos is capable of two moods: wildly happy or very curious. the d/p/pt sprite on the top has a softer face compared to the rest of the boys, but it makes him look much softer when pose is taken into account and a SMILE!. the hg/ss sprite on the bottom looks SO GOOd WHAT BOLD LINES YOU HAVE god i love him 9.5/10

gen 5 (b/w/b2/w2)

dwindled down to one sprite, and happily combines his cautious and fun self. a polite wave is all you need. look at that smirk. like an upperclassman who’s loved by everyone.so much character in this banana boy 10/10

gen 6/7 (x/y/s/m)

like every 3d sprite, he’s pretty dull, but not so much compared to other pokes. loses his golden undertone, but retains that lovable form, i’d rate thi-