3d sprites


Midday: When properly raised from a young age, it will become a trustworthy partner that will absolutely never betray its Trainer.

Midnight: It goads its enemies into attacking, withstands the hits, and in return, delivers a headbutt, crushing their bones with its rocky mane.


Look at this cute little guy and his stupid, floppy head.

I made this for a contest, in which I had to design the baby form a pseudo-legendary dragon type Fakemon. It’s a little stuffed animal dragon, dual Normal / Dragon types. It has the ability Protective, which boosts its attack stat by one stage when swapping in for every Pokemon on your team with critically low health (besides this Pokemon).

Check out the making of these gifs here:




Hey! It’s been a while. Working on a ton of stuff at the moment! I need to figure out a good way to make 3D Sprites with more then 4 colors & I wanted to really refine my 3D sprite process. 

I decided to make a little project out of it and… here you go!

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I also have a youtube channel! Mostly Timelapses but you guys might like. 

Is this really the most effective way to wield a sword…

Name: Cannon Turtle

HP: 3

Atk: 3

Def: 1

Description: A turtle with a large cannon on its back. I mean, they hit the nail on the head with that one. The shots it fires are powerful, but move incredibly slowly so they’re easy to block. If you jump on the cannon you might be able to knock it over. It looks so sad trying to get up, but remember they’re the bad guys.