3d smart tv

90 inch 1080p 3d

a/n: to rninjoon ;u; thanks for all the minjoon feels

“he wants you to do what?” namjoon’s spoon falls with an unsatisfying plimp. and jimin winces as tiny flecks of milk and cereal splatter across the table.

the expression on namjoon’s face is priceless, stunned and flabbergasted and one jimin would totally bust out his phone for to capture and memorialize forever and more. but considering the situation, jimin thinks it rather not so prudent to do so.

instead, he takes a haughty sip of his coffee, only if to prolong the moment just a little bit further because the tick growing upon namjoon’s temple is starting to pulse, and jimin thinks it’s kind of funny.

“he wants you to do what, exactly?” namjoon repeats, fists clenched and teeth grinding, as if jimin hadn’t heard the first time. and jimin rolls his eyes, because clearly namjoon is being overdramatic.

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The Official KeikoandGilly Moving Out Sale List

Hello all! Just letting all of you know what items I am selling and would greatly appreciate the funds to help pay outstanding bills, moving, and a couple of months living costs. NOTE: I can ship these items, but I would ask that the shipping be paid well in advance.

The items are:

Local/Pickup Only

LG 55UB8500 55-Inch 4K 3D Smart LED TV - $1300 CAD
Onkyo 4K Sound System with speakers - 400 CAD
Onkyo 1080P Receiver - 100 CAD
Pixma MG7120 - 130 CAD
Pixma MX340 - 66 CAD
M-Audio Keystudio 49 Keys - 66 CAD
IKEA Book Shelf - 150 CAD
IKEA Media Tower - 66 CAD
100 DVD/CD/Game Shelf - 100 CAD
Mini Fridge - 90 CAD Sold
Dishes - 66 CAD
Knife Set - 50 CAD

Shipping available:
Playstation 4 - 280 USD On Hold
Wii U Deluxe - 150 USD Sold
Wii - 35 USD Sold and on Hold
New Nintendo 3DS Majora’s Mask Edition - 250 USD Sold
PlayStation Vita OLED Wifi model - 150 USD Sold
BUFFALO Wireless Router (WZR-1750DHP) - 150 USD
2x 3TB External Hard Drives - 125 USD a piece
El Gato Gaming Capture Card HD60 - 100 USD SOLD
Original Xbox and collection of games - 100 USD
Playstation 3 60 GB Backwards Compatible Model (500 GB HD inside) - 150 USD On Hold
Games and Movies - Please enquire to stock and prices. Games being sold are Wii U, PS4, PS3, Gameboy/Colour, etc.

If you can spread the word, I sincerely would appreciate it. :D