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Hey :) do you by any chance know where to buy a handheld vigenère cipher decoder? (Similar to the one Blair had in Gossip Girl if you've seen that haha)

“This is my cipher slide. Don’t you have one? There was a brief period in the third grade where I suspected my mother was reading my diary, and measures had to be taken.”

No, I’ve never seen this, but that’s cute. In fact, I’ve helped someone in a similar spot.

As for where to get one, a hacker named Nick Farr (hacdc.org) designed that model and uploaded the 3D printing plans to Thingiverse in 2008, one of the earliest designs uploaded to the site. To get one I imagine you would have to print it yourself, or find someone who will print it for you. The Creative Commons license should allow for someone to make and sell them.

There’s a listing for a similar item on Amazon, made of wood:

Beyond that I’m not sure, I’ve rarely seen cipher slide rules, other than historical examples. They are more useful than cipher wheels, but not nearly as common.

Twenty-nine real-life years passed between Rocky and Creed, a film about the scion of Rocky Balboa’s rival-turned-friend. The span dividing the original Pirates of the Caribbean from its latest sequel, Dead Men Tell No Tales, is less than half that. But life moves faster at sea apparently, because the ersatz, angular hero of this fifth Pirates cruise — 27-year-old Brenton Thwaites — is playing the adult offspring of lovers Keira Knightley (current age 32) and Orlando Bloom (40) from the initial trio of Pirates pictures. In this chapter, Bloom’s character has been placed under a spell that confines him to the ocean as a slowly-rotting sea creature. Only by locating the magical Trident of Poseidon can Thwaites break the curse and return his papa to terra firma. At the same time, the villainous Salazar (incoming Javier Bardem), a ghost-captain in the Spanish Navy who suffers from the same alarming skin condition and travel restrictions as Bloom, is after Captain Jack Sparrow — that’s our man Johnny Depp — for … revenge, probably?

That’s about as simply as I can chart the picaresque course of what we might call 5-rates of the Caribbean, a Disney Company line-item that works hard to gin up a sense of urgency and portent on its way to nowhere in particular. It’s an amiable shrug of a summer movie that is neither bad or good but is unequivocally loud, dark (especially in murky 3D that slides out of focus any time you move your neck), and long.

Yo-Ho-Hum: Johnny Depp Returns For More ‘Pirates’

Photo: Peter Mountain/Walt Disney Pictures

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Akaashi always seemed to think of questions he wanted to ask while he and Kenma were spooning before bed. Maybe it was the calm and quiet atmosphere? Maybe it was how relaxed he felt with Kenma’s smaller body pressed into him.

“Kenma, can I ask you something?” 


“How do you feel about tickling?” Akaashi felt Kenma’s body tense but he wasn’t sure if it was because of the question or because of the mention of tickling.

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this might be a weird question and something that seems like i could probably look up easily but; i haven't seen any tutorials on this anywhere and i want to ask, do you have any tips on drawing feet from a front view? it's incredibly frustrating and lately they've been turning out like weird horse hooves

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, been super busy as of late! I hope this helps you out a little:

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