3d replication

it’s incredible how futuristic sci-fi stuff is self fulfilling??? like. back to the future created (or at the very least increased) a demand for hoverboards, flying cars, and now we actually have shoes that can self lace. it’s just amazing to me.

and then you’ve got stuff like star trek, with PADDs that became tablet computers, and communicators that influenced modern mobile phones. REPLICATORS BECAME 3D PRINTING. so much media dreamt of video phone calls and landing on other planets and wireless broadcasts. edward bellamy predicted the damn credit card in the 1800s, for god’s sake

in conclusion: WRITE ABOUT COOL THINGS THAT DON’T EXIST. real people in the future will also think they’re cool. and then they’ll make them for you

Biology resources: DNA/RNA 101

In case any of you Bio students out there are having trouble with this particular topic, I thought I’d share my favorite resources!

These r super awesome fun + free on youtube and you can literally pause and go back as much as you’d like. I’ve included just two lectures (yes, those are actual free MIT lectures) because I really love Eric and he explains things so well wow, but the other videos are shorter! xx

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ check my biology resources


SPOTLIGHT: Printer Turns Photos Into 3D Objects So The Visually Impaired Can Relive Memories

Touchable Memories is a meaningful social experiment conducted by Pirate3D which converts photographs into 3D replicates with the use of a home printer called Buccaneer.

In this way, the blind are able to recall via touch their old memories from photographs taken when they could still see. Footage after the jump:

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Jason and Jeremiah showed me how to 3D print a thing today with the makerbot. Pretty cool.

My ideal printer for everyday use would be a little machine that prints me something like a bracelet, then at the end of the day, I throw the bracket back into the machine so it reuses it to make the next day’s bracelet. One piece of plastic. Endless bracelets.


Had an awesome bachelor party, themed as a 90s Cyberpunk rpg adventure. I was joining the Mitsubishi-Sugo Courier corp, and had a full day of proving my worth before getting signed. I had to run a few deliveries on bike, I got an RFID implanted, I was 3d-scanned and replicated, I had to hack a series of puzzle games in order to get clues on where to go next, we broke into a bank vault in an Escape Room and we did some green screen filming to make a short commercial for the corp etc. And sushi, naturally, being the quintessential 90s cyberpunk food. I love my friends <3