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Three rules of mnemonics

Now to prepare you for the mnemonics part of DTP I shall give you some important information that you should know about when trying mnemonics. There will be more posts about this but we begin with talking about the three rules there are in mnemonics.

As three is a magic number, we should look at what the three most important rules in mnemonics are. Most have misconceptions about what is really important in mnemonics, but we will talk more about that later. Now to the important rules.

Bright and vivid colours:

Try to always visualise everything in bright and vivid colours, now some of you probably visualise in black and white. You’ll have to train yourself to visualise in colour, to do this you look at a object and then close your eyes and try to see the object in your minds eye with colour, repeat until you’re able to do that. The reason we want to see everything in colour is because this sticks in our minds easier, it also helps us see differences between coded information we memorise.

Lots of details:

A lot of detail will help you understand the picture more and understanding is very good when using mnemonics. Lots of details will also help you see fixate the memory easier.

Visualise everything in 3d:

Some people visualise 2d cartoons and unfortunately this don’t stick as well in your mind as 3D objects do. This also helps you notice what object belongs to what information.

Now this is more of a recommendation and not a rule. Keep your eyes open when using mnemonics! The reason is this, closing them makes you slow and doesn’t train your visual ability. Another reason is that you’ll hopefully use this to remember something useful and if you need to recall that information around people it will be a problem. You’ll look a bit crazy if you randomly close your eyes in mid conversation because you need to access information. There is a reason memory champions keep their eyes open when competing in mnemonics. It’s faster that way and it doesn’t look weird.

Most think that making the picture extreme in some way is necessary. It isn’t. But it can help when memorising things to store your whole life, when doing speed memorisation you should not bother with this. Animated pictures is also good for whole life storage, though it is not necessary for speed memorisation because this makes you a bit slow sometimes.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.


This is my way of creating 4 orbs in random locations. In Unity I have 7 orbs active in set locations. When the game starts the script will turn them off 1 by 1 at a random location until there if 4 left.

PS. This took me a solid hour or so to figure out, I also had to be very careful not to create any infinite loops. (Which I did do a few times).

The first year of creating

  Tomorrow’s gonna be the day when I can say I’ve been creating CC for the Sims 4 for a year! Remember this picture of my first CC? Yes, I can hardly, too. I dare to say I got better since then, learned so much about creating clothes in 2D and 3D programs, met gorgeous people through it, to whom I’m really thankful! It’s an honour to talk to those creators who back then inspired me to start creating CC.

  So a year passed, but my motivation hardly changed. Yes, there are ups and downs, but I think it’s a common thing. I promise you I’ll try to be better in 2017, and my resolution is to learn new methods and programs to range my limits, and never be afraid to experiment.

  In the meantime I collected the top 10 favourite CC of mine, the ones I’m most proud of or the ones that have a special meaning to me. Click Keep reading for them.

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Low Poly Guide

A brief and badly written tutorial on how I do low poly work as promised Ow<)/

//I’m very sorry to those just learning 3D, as half of this probably won’t make any sense. But if 3D was easy we’d see a hell of a lot more of it than we do, so never give up! It’s a tough area but you can make amazing things once you get your head round it, and there’s a huge array of tutorials already out there that can help you get started.//

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Layton 10th Anniversary Week 2017 Proposal

Originally posted by florandluke

Hello, my fellow Laytonites! Our favourite series will become 10-years-old at 15 February!

Since this year is special for us and the first time for me,can we hold something like the character week from past years, but in a MUCH bigger scale? I mean, maybe a massive fanart collaboration, a short voiced animated video that use 3D modelling program, or a fan-game based from this series? It may overkill for this fandom, but I’m pretty sure we can do it if we wanted to!

I’ve been messing around Z Brush and some other 3D programs to test out how well I can incorporate 3D human models into my drawing. I sculpted a few heads in Zbrush which I then painted over in SAI.

Hopefully I’ll be able to use more 3D in the future to help speed up my drawing process and to save my hand from being over worked orz. It’s nice to not have to paint everything from scratch~

In other news, I’m still in the process of reviewing all of the 3D artist applications. I received way more than I expected and it’s taking a long time to go through. I will e-mail a reply to everyone once the final team has been decided. Thank you all again for applying!