3d printer


Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

This^ is the reason why 3D-printers exist!


Want to make a truly outstanding present for your loved one or want to start your own jewelry business? The innovative 3D printing technology allows you to make something truly unique: a custom jewelry or any other item based on your own idea. Join your forces with Volumatik and together we’ll craft an ingenious and very personal jewelry.

3D modeled a new case for my phone. This is for laser photography. It has 2 slits in it for sliding in square cut ND filters. They clamp down with friction caused by the slightly gradually narrowing end and friction fit in height too.  2 slots so you have a more fine control over the amount of light filtered by doubling up filters. 

This allows you to get rid of glows that wash out detail and get the darks in the image really nice with a low iso. These are to be printed upright with a large brim and can be printed in less then an hour. If you have a fast printer about 20~30 minutes maybe.