3d printed cat


Just got in my 3d print of my baby Beerus sculpt I did awhile back. Just a test so I chose a cheaper material to print with, so definitely lost some details. Thinking I might do more with this, possibly mold it. Would need to fix the chopsticks if I did though, they bent. Even though it’s got some issues, it is so awesome seeing a sculpt come to life. And Binx, my cat, helped to show scale, it’s roughly over 4 inches tall.

Hi guys! 

So I know many of you know that I sell 3D printed stuff on Etsy. Please consider checking it out! I could use all the help I can get right now. 

Right now I’m selling lots of cookie cutters (including a Steven Universe Cookie Cat inspired cookie cutter! ☆), solitary bee hotels, and more. I’ve been adding new things every day, so check back to see what I’ve been working on!

l’ve also been selling discounted pre-made Bulbasaur planters, and adding new colors every day so you can get a perfect quality Bulbasaur planter for only $8.00 plus shipping! 

Not to mention that I’m always posting discount and free shipping codes through my Etsy updates and on my twitter, so check those out in the future as well!

Thank you so much for reading!

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My cookie cat freezer topper is complete!
It’s 3d printed and covered with paper clay.
I sanded the clay down to give it an even surface and painted it. The face is just some plastic from a packaging box I painted with enamel paint and hot glued into place.
The lights are battery powered LED lights I used in my link cosplay.


well i cant sleep rip but heres a few of my favorite stim/fidget toys because why not!

-pink spinner (3d printed, has cat ears!!)
-green spinner
-blue chew necklace
-weird rubiks cube oval thing… easy puzzle, fun to spin
-off brand yellow + black fidget cube (its called like fidget gidget or something but it works pretty well!)
-rly nice smelling hand sanitizer

also some really nice smelling sensory dough (pink is pink geranium and green is lime, the lime one is my fav!) featuring my angel and stitch tsums because theyre soft and good


“Hey there Bugga-boo!”

Progress shots of my Miraculous Ladybug yoyo. The side that is the communicator/ phone is complete. The other side will eventually be the akuma catcher, once I finish the wings. Bonus points that it also doubles as a functional yoyo.

Once I’m all done I plan on offering it as a giveaway. So stay tuned!

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Hunting for Wooyo 2

The loud cry of the winged cat had notified the inhabitants of the nest that it was time to wake up, wash up and get ready for dinner.

There were two hungry winged kittens in the nest. They were blue and pink.

The black cat’s children were wondering what they would have for lunch.

In that moment poor Headheel appeared before the hungry kittens. And they had never eaten such animals and carefully began his sniffing and lick. Wooyo closed his eyes and imagined Green Dorekht, sacred to Headheels place on the island Walloya Morring, where they were born. He mentally said goodbye to his life, so because a couple hours ago, he could become dinner for the foxes.

But what happened?! The kittens were not eating him and became friends with him. Might Wooyo was pink and it liked a pink kitty.

But the joy couldn’t last long as everyone wanted it. Suddenly there was a new threat – Headheel vampire. He used his hypnotic look and the cat fell down in that moment. The helpless children were left alone.

What an unlucky Wooyo! The beast grabbed him, pulled out of the nest and flew away.

The kittens were not able to fly, they sadly watched their friend, unlucky Headheel, had gone … Nobody had known what would be with Wooyo. Maybe it’d be an inglorious death, and maybe it’d be Green Dorekht?

In that time foxes were blithely playing on a stump in the woods. And suddenly their attention was attracted by a noise downstairs. It was a silly Headheel-Rabbit named Tooky. The foxes were hungry and they’d be happy to eat a fat grey headheel.

Dear friends, this question is for you: who should eat Tooky, the foxes or the winged cats?


3D Print example I brought to MFF. I left it in the vapor smoothing bath a little too long, which took off some of the details (and made her arms weirdly thin). Also there’s the Blender model I made for it. I haven’t been doing modelling for very long, so hey, looks a lot better than anything else I’ve done. I’m thinkin’ I’ll start doing 3D print commissions in the future if anyone is willing to drop the cash on it. We’ll see how that goes.


I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting much art recently!!! My tablet’s still inoperative, the new pen should be getting here any day now, and I’ve been taking a summer week long class (that ended today) about 3D modeling and printing!
To make up for the lack of art here’s a snailcat that I made out of two existing open source models and then printed.

It’s my child

Wonder Cat Figurine
Wonder Cat takes no sass. This is a one of a kind, limited edition 3D print of my wonder cat drawing. Each cat has been 3D printed, and hand painted.The figure is light, printed with plastic filiment, and roughly measures to be four inches tall. A wonder cat sticker is also included in each order

Finnaalllyy!! My cat figures are up in the shop :) Only 5 of these available =^.^=