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Cameron Russell & Adwoa Aboah by Emma Summerton - Maison Margiela Artisanal & Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture s/s 2017

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i can't believe a theme SPECIFICALLY made for gaga and where is this bitch? nowhere to be found shez a ghost like the devil never sleeps

its not even jus this gala last year i wanted her to be there too bc the theme was futuristic and while most people were out here looking like the episode of spongebob where squidwards trapped in chrome hell i thought she could actually express her historical interest in fashion technology at an event sort of embracing that idea of what we can do reinvent and revolutionize wearability and function in fashion one of my favorite fits ever was the 3D-printed bubble machine dress gaga wore that literally like blew bubbles and it was designed by that same studio who made the digital mermaid bra which was also sick i just think shes always played wit fashion engineering and has served as one of the faces for that too like somewhat generationally so why wasnt she there?? and now shes nowhere to be found at this years cdg show like……..yr rite the devil never sleeps 

Today at MoMA Store Soho: meet Nervous System​, the designers behind the 3-D printed dress. 

[Nervous System (est. 2007), Jessica Rosenkrantz (American, b. 1983), Jesse Louis-Rosenberg (American, b. 1986). Kinematics Dress. 2013. Laser-sintered nylon. Image courtesy of Steve Marsel. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Architecture and Design Funds]

if i were at the met gala i would be wearing like...a 3d printed dress made out of lazers and projection mapping like im really nude but you wouldn’t know bc i’m wearing a hologram dress

The First Fully-Articulated 3D Printed Gown, Featuring Dita Von Teese (by Michael Schmidt)


Shapeways and Nervous System team up to 3D print a #Kinematic dress in one piece. Read the story on our blog (Shapeways.com/blog). #fashion #3DPrintedDress #nervoussystem

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