3d poop

I modeled some Thunder CRAWs from Thunder Force IV this evening. Today I re-learned myself how to have objects follow curves in Blender, lucky thing I had finished modeling it by then!

CRAWs are Constitutional Ray Art Weapon units that orbit around the player’s ship, shielding you from enemy projectiles, and acting as extra turrets for your weapons.

Halfway through the fourth game, the player’s ship, the FIRE LEO-04 Rynex, gets upgraded with a new part that essentially upgrades the CRAWs from before. Holding your fire, so long as you have the CRAWs on-hand, charges the thunder sword weapon; a powerful frontal attack that gets stronger the longer it’s charged for. [timestamp below]

Now, for when I’m making youtube poops, I can bend the rules a little and make anyone I want wield them, be it for when they’re riding a ship or just gunning it on foot, you’re gonna see some major sparks flying!


commission info i guess

  • Bust- $7
  • full body- $14
  • a color/simple background or no background
  • +$3 for a complex background 
  • group w more than 2 people- +$1 for each extra person
  • i don’t do nsfw, but i am willing to draw a character in cute underwear
  • be prepared to send me a reference if its of an oc or a character i’m not really familiar with (also pose ideas would be helpful)

you can email me at secretlythedoctor@gmail.com and if you have any questions you can shoot me an ask  _(:3 」∠)_

I finally got off my bum and finished modeling King Harkinian’s box of Munf Munf, from Craaazycat13′s video of the same name. Not even any bumpmapping and it almost looks real! Take a look at some renders and textures I did for it!

I am well aware Ganon’s description is spelled with two N’s and goes all-caps halfway, but I ain’t fixing nothing because the all caps is funny to me, and the Cd-i games spell it that way.

And of course, here’s the poop it came from!

  • science: multitasking is impossible
  • me: oh yeah
  • me: *plays super smash bros 4 3DS while pooping*
  • me: *wins*
  • me: boom roasted