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This lengthy project was amazingly fun to do, so here they are: all 15 characters I’ve done from a hypothetical Splatoon 64! I might do more Splatoon related models in the future, but these are it for time being :)

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Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~

I should be doing assets for my game. But I CAN’T STOP DOING THESE WONDERFUL PIXEL LOW POLYS! My fire for them is burning again since I started lighting the textures again aghhhh. But like I thought this one would take no time since he’s so simple, but no! I spent a while texturing it to make it look good! Gahhhh I have to stop for a bit but waaaahhhh. These are truly my passion.

Another render of the Flight Rising Imperial Dragon bust! I had promised to post a better quality one months ago, but rendering this model was a huge pain in the ass due to an unusually high poly count that caused my computer to crash frequently. Decided then to try it using the new Zbrush to Keyshot bridge, and this is the result I got. Went for a classy polished marble texture instead of bronze this time!

I finally got off my bum and finished modeling King Harkinian’s box of Munf Munf, from Craaazycat13′s video of the same name. Not even any bumpmapping and it almost looks real! Take a look at some renders and textures I did for it!

I am well aware Ganon’s description is spelled with two N’s and goes all-caps halfway, but I ain’t fixing nothing because the all caps is funny to me, and the Cd-i games spell it that way.

And of course, here’s the poop it came from!