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Eating Disorder Recovery Apps

Here are some mobile phone applications that you can use to help overcome your eating disorder. This list is a combination of apps directly related to eating disorder recovery as well as apps that promote skills used most commonly to combat eating disorders.

1) The Hope Box iPhone | Android - $Free - Mental Health America of Texas’ Hope Box contains messages, contact information, pictures, and scrap book to store personalized information that promotes mental wellness and can aid persons in a mental health crisis.   By providing a mobile environment, users can have immediate access to their safety resources.  - 

2) Learn to Self Love iPhone - $Free - Are you feeling down? Is the weight on your shoulders overbearing? Do you need someone to cheer you up, but there is no one around? This app will help you learn to self love. It has over 100 positive affirmations to remind you to love the most important person: you! 

3) Self-Esteem Blackboard Android - $Free - This app was developed by a clinical psychologist using the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help improve self-esteem. We all have a sense of self. Whether that sense of self is positive or negative is based upon our experiences in life and our perceptions and assessment of ourself. 

4) Rise Up + Recover iPhone - $Free - Rise Up + Recover is just what you need on your journey to recovery. Log meals and check-in your day from the comfort and convenience of your mobile device. Also provides coping skills to overcome your eating disorder. 

5) Kissy Project iPhone | Android- $Free - The Kissy Project App is a pro-recovery app for teenagers with an eating disorder. This app is a tool to create a positive mindset, to believe in yourself and to discover your inner-strength.  - 

6)  Positive Body Image for Women : A Hypnosis Guide to Boost Body Confidence and Self-Esteem iPhone - $Free - Positive Body Image for Women is a beautifully recorded Hypnosis audio album for women in need of body confidence and self-esteem. It consists of five audios plus a FREE track, Learn to Love your Body, which is an introduction to the programme and includes some great tips about hypnosis and how to improve your body confidence. 

7) Tri Delta - BodyImage 3D iPhone - $Free - The IAM3D app invites you to connect with BodyImage3D® which draws attention to body image issues and the damaging impact of the “thin ideal” on women in society by encouraging you to focus on your healthiest self. Our BodyImage3D initiative encourages a positive, balanced and multi-dimensional body image to transpire when it incorporates three key components: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit. 

8) Body Beautiful iPhone - $0.99 - The app for true beauty and confidence. Body Beautiful helps you cultivate a positive self-image and encourage true beauty with inspirational quotes, media articles, videos and tools. 

9) Affirmations Journal iPhone - $0.99 - Our mission is to empower people to improve their self-image and happiness. You deserve to feel good about yourself and this app will help you achieve that. Here is how: 1. Each day you will be given a positive affirmation to read aloud to yourself in the mirror. 2. You will then be asked to make a journal entry answering a question related to the affirmation. 3. You can review your journal and see how your outlook has changed and what has improved in your life. The app also allows you to record positive thoughts that are not related to the affirmations. The affirmations fall into seven categories and you can personalize your experience by specifying which topics you want the affirmations to focus on. 

10)  Eating D Android - $0.99 - Learn skills to resist your eating disorder (such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa). All material was written by a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) with twenty-five years of counseling experience.You first rate the frequency and intensity of the eating disorder thoughts on a color coded scale of 1 (fleeting, able to resist) to 10 (continual, very difficult to resist).You move on to the first set of skills, where you will select one of ten ways to change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts to change your feelings is the basis of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, the most widely practiced evidenced based form of psychotherapy.