3d implant

400 Dental Implant Surgeries:  What have I learned?

Technology advances, and no doubt, if you don’t keep up in this field, you will be quickly left behind.  In the early days of my career, we were in the stone ages comparatively in regards to diagnosis and treatment planning.  No doubt, our implant team did excellent work, but the technology available is infinitely better now. Recovery times have been reduced.  Dental implants are often an afternoon procedure with very little recovery time.  

10 years ago, 6 months was the gold standard in healing time post implant placement.  This has been greatly reduced.  

Dental implants used to be placed without 3D imaging.  Still, not every practice has 3 dimensional imaging available. I personally would not have a dental implant placed without 3D imaging today.

Within the last 10 years I have seen the field of dental implantology revolutionized by improving implant designs, 3D imaging and surgical planning, and of course, 400 surgeries and countless hours of study are an excellent teacher.    -Patrick R. Sexton, DMD