3d image


Three Dimensional C.T. scan image of the Ancient Egyptian Mummy of Yuya; the grandfather of Akhenaten & Great Grandfather of Tutankhamun.

Mummy found in Tomb KV46, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, alongside his wife Thuya.
Age of death: 50-60 years, no explanation for death itself however.
Stature: 166cm

“C.T. Images of Yuya show that the embalmers stuffed the throat (hypopharynx) of the mummy with a heterogeneous, low-density material. Filling the throat helped to give the neck a full, life like appearence, as demonstrated in this oblique frontal 3D CT image.”

Father of Queen Tiye
Grandfather of #Akhenaten
Great Grandfather of #Tutankhamun


Photographs and CT scans of a bullet that entered the left anterior neck and lodged in the right posterior neck, completely transecting the spinal cord yet managed to completely avoid the vertebral artery. The bullet was removed under only local anaesthetic. The patient was left with quadriplegia.

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