3d husbandos


Rune factory 4 Bachelors! I tried to draw and watercolor them all. Glad I finished lol. Although this is just a quick sketch took 50 mins, I guess. XD Hope you guys like it. Arthur looks so cool here Im quite of impressed with how I draw him here haha. Got a little lazy drawing dylas hehe the coloring looks messy xD

anonymous asked:

Since u dress up as Peach? Why doesn't Alex dress up as Mario? Or u as daisy and him as Luigi?

Omg this question just sparked such a debate between us at breakfast. I showed Alex this ask and told him he wasn’t Mario or Luigi he’s more like Bowser and we argued about it for a long time until arriving at the fact that since Bowser is my husbando I also want my 3D husbando to be Bowser, and he remained firm in his decision that he’s Mario. I think Mario is annoying but that’s because he’s had very little characterization aside from the comics where he’s .. kind of a dick. Bowser has been characterized in canon more recently as a big softie/kind of a loser/adorable tuffguy bara soooo Bowser’s character is better imo but I guess Alex is more of a Mario if we really dissect their characters (and leave my headcanons and my Peach x Bowser OTP out of it).

 tl;dr: it ended up that Alex might be interested in being our Hefner Mario if we wear Nintendo bunnies again at SDCC looool. I’m going to try to make this happen.

Thanks for making our breakfast conversation interesting anon