3d heads


Hello! Happy new year! Oh, also, here’s this new animation I made.

Ok, seeyah :3


A good video detailing how Bethesda’s attempt at a hostile takeover completely fucked over the fantastic looking Prey 2, and why the new Prey that was revealed at E3 has absolutely nothing to do with the original.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever redesign your characters

When you draw a character a lot you casually refine the way you draw them. But some of my lesser character drastically changed.

Loki I’d like to refine him to work better in 3D since his head looks weird at the wrong angle

Bianca redesign I thought about so her glasses don’t clip through her hair if she were in 3D. but I dunno if I’ll go with it yet. Issue 3 is almost done with the original design so I got a lot of time to think about it: