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Giant Mimic Spider

The subspecies of giant spider known as mimic spider (often mistaken for a true mimic but actually unrelated) has evolved a unique exoskeleton to camouflage itself.  Much as its smaller cousins mimic the colour and shape of flowers to lure prey such as bees, the giant mimic spiders which inhabit the numerous dungeons scattered across the land adopt the outward appearance of a treasure chest; an irresistible prize for any adventurer.

When the spider has found a suitable hunting ground it will curl up and wait. Specimens observed in the wild can remain in this state for months before suitable prey stumbles into its trap. Once its victim is close enough, a burst of webbing from its spinnerets, located in the ‘keyhole’, will immobilise them at which point the mimic spider will reveal itself and consume its victim.

Care should also be exercised when taking loose treasure from any dungeon in which giant mimic spiders are present. The creatures eggs often take the form of large coins, ingots of rare metals, gemstones and other valuables. Although the juvenile mimic spiders pose little threat, careless looting may lead to infestations in cities and other such places where the presence of giant, man-eating spiders is undesirable.


Inspired by thinking about mimics in Dungeons and Dragons and having the realisation that when opened all the way a treasure chest kind of resembles a spider body.

All of my elf boys. I have a little problem when it comes to making them, these aren’t the only ones I have, they’re just the ones that happen to be main characters.

They come in pairs, actually. Xavier and Daemah are used in a DND campaign, they’re in a relationship but Daemah is across the world somewhere and has amnesia, and Xavier, I guess, is looking for him, but can’t find him. Daemah is my player character in the campaign.

Elfel and Nulyn are brothers in a story I wrote a couple years back with some friends called Ace Adventures. Both of them are powerful magic users but Nulyn is the better of the two, and Nulyn is also King of the Kingdom of Spades after a series of interesting events unfolded.

Amory and Cedric are ALSO brothers, but they’re my Fantasy Life characters. Amory is a very bright Alchemist of a very high rank, and Cedric is a famous Mercenary. The two of them are twins, fraternally. Family men, too.

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My little gnome DnD character, Lucien Honeycomb! That lamppost is also his wizards staff!


I’m not dead! But I AM occupied with a few other large projects right now, so I’m trying to focus more on those instead of lots of smaller drawings. 

The first few are from my very first DnD game I’m learning to play AAAAAAAAAA don’t even talk to me about centaurs not being a playable race in 4e because I will cut you up. (I used a satyr to build him though.)

That’s my beautiful unicorn centaur bard Blueberry, who disguises himself as a pretty human lady among mortals. The model is obviously a very creepy WIP, but I rarely model in my free time, so I thought it’d be fun to share it so you can see how gloriously far he comes by the time I’m done posing, texturing and grooming (I hope???)

And then other misc sketches and a WIP of a PAINTING I CAN HOLD IN MY HANDS FOR ONCE ♥___♥


Hey guys, 

Time for an #Indiedev #DnD #Unity #3D #characters #update! and #images.

I had another bit of freelance work for Plugin Media so I’ve now done some work for the BBC now (which is pretty freaking awesome in my opinion). It’s also one of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while.

My health is looking up but I have another bout of treatment to get through before I’m all in the clear. However, during my time not working and not being unhealthy I’ve managed to update progress on my characters. 

I am super happy to announce that I have characters that can run. They work in Unity!

I feel like the base mesh in Unity is a bit (a lot) of an abomination. However, I’ve managed to get the prefabs responding to the animations from the base mesh and they look like great and uncomplicated. Personally I think that’s an achievement. I have a few more base animations to make before I feel confident enough to place these up for sale. 

But it is happening!

What animations would you like to see?


Prince Caim Drachekrone (Tomorrow Ends The World)

A giant amongst men, but a child amongst dragons, Prince Caim is the heir to the throne of the Dragon Kingdoms. Caim is big, boisterous, and greedy, but over time his devotion to destruction and mayhem has lapsed, his time with the party cooling his temper. A devout worshipper of Tiamat, Caim serves as the party Priest.