Simplus Design: SuperMod (3d Printed Modular Wall)

Simplus Design founders, Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed have designed SuperMod, a 3D printed modular wall system which creates a versatile aggregation of storage that is equal parts function and beauty. The wall fluctuates between different sized modules to accommodate various types of storage needs, making it an ideal place for your favorite books, plants, spirits and more. The wall makes an excellent partition, that can divide space or stand on it’s own to enhance it. Individual modules can be detached and swapped out to create more or less porosity and achieve different levels of visibility through the piece. A variation of shadows and reflected light are generated by the faceted pattern on the exterior of the modules, which is then continued more subtly onto the interior surfaces, adding a tactile texture and continuous detail. 3D Printed materials of opaque white and translucent red plastic allow for light to come through certain modules and produce glowing effects that enhance their surrounding space.

Design/Assembly: Simplus Design
Fabrication: Bold Machines
Photography: Alan Tansey

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Paola Bazz is a Manchester, UK based artist, born in Padua, Italy.

I studied painting and drawing in my formative years and completed my degree in Architecture at University IUAV in Venice. The use of recycled material, such as printed-paper, cardboard, wood and plastic characterizes much of my artistic productions and this is the central theme of my works. Our waste, anything that we throw away every day, is full of imaginary and it has an enormous appeal.

Recycling is a form of re-interpreting. Art is, in its essence, a recycling project.
The artist takes a set of materials and ideas, revisits them with reconsidered concepts, and repurposes them to create something new.

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Txaber born in 1969, is a graphic designer from Bilbao, Spain. He studied Graphic Design at CVNP (Bilbao). Since then, he have worked for various design studios getting great professional experience in the different areas of design. He believe that “Experimentation is a constant in my work. They say everything is invented and I struggle every day to go against”.

With an extreme attention to detail, TXABER’s work is something to keep an eye on as their portfolio grows.