3d derp

On a whim I got Manga Studio 5 on sale this week (along with approximately half of tumblr). As someone who draws pretty much exclusively in Photoshop, I’m curious to try something new!

*opens program*

Ooh. These brushes look nice…

*finds 3D models*

*ten minutes later, hasn’t drawn a thing, but has succeeded in plunging a model’s hand through his chest and out his back whilst flipping himself off and bending sideways at a preposterous angle*

what is this program


So, that was a weird one, wasn’t it! WASN’T IT!?


It started with just the tea-bit, and then kinda escalated backwards. Hm. Has anyone seen Baman and Piderman? I love that. It’s like that! Alternate basement! ALRIGHT BYE.