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So this is what I have been working on for most of the month! Most likely you’ve seen the Chompy Sketches by @cremsie floating around on Tumblr like I did, and I fell in love enough to try and remake him in 3D as my final project at Full Sail University.

Here is my Artstation page if you want to look at him in all his 3D glory

Half-napped and sassy

Meet Tira, my halfling cleric who is an inquisitor of knowledge and often a very sassy lady. 

Our party, the Inglorious Misfits, were hired by a foreign ambassador/ mage to guard his caravan on his quest to find a holy artifact (Tira: *mumbles something in halfling with a unpleasant look on her face.* )

One night, the group catches a spell-casting thief in one of the wagons. After a little ordeal, they capture him, his leader, and another one of his compatriots. The Thief (named Qi Tef, future party member *more mumbling*) successfully pickpockets a dagger of of one of the caravan guards and upon being reprimanded by the boss lady(Cat-eye), he raised his now unbound arms in all cockiness.

Tira, driven by intense curiosity on the subject of Qi Tef’s race(DM’s custom) and his people’s culture (She’s quite an anthropologist), opens up the canvas and is greeted by three surprised, freed thieves. After a failed hold person, she is dragged in, muffled, bound, and stripped of weapon and holy symbol. Cat-eye removes the muffle and asks the cleric where the goods can be found. Tira told them that it would likely be stored in the scholars’ wagons or hidden in inconspicuous places, like the ration wagon. When they shot down those, she quickly responded that there may be gold, jewels, and magic items in the head mage’s wagon, BUT you will need someone with the ability to sense such magic.

The group moves to the wagon and present Tira scroll after scroll, each of which was met with a shook of the head no. Qi Tef and the other thief get bored and search the room for other worthwhile items. Cat-eye slowly loosening her attention on Tira as she tries to keep an eye on the others as well. Stealing this opportunity, the halfling reaches into her clothing, drawing out a second holy symbol and tucked it between her hands with freedom to move (rolled a 20, BooYa!).

Leaning forward, she grabs a slightly tanner scroll and called out to Cat-eye. She proceeded in informing her that this seemed to have some magic essence, but she needed to read it to be sure. Cat-eye held it up for her and Tira read off: ‘In the mountains, there is a ancient temple. It contains masses of monetary offerings it had acquired through the years as well as a hold person. Well, Cat-eye’s not moving, Qi Tef is oblivious, and other thief is unsure what just happen, but knows the halfling did something.

The theif moves in with her dagger to swing, *dings off of plate*, returns for a blow to the head, but misses. Tira takes that opportunity to propel into her gut with a headbutt, knocking her into the other wall, and sending the two of them down with a large covered mirror (roll saving throw, ya good). Qi Tef notices and tells the other to shut cleric up. Tira struggles out from under the mirror and sends one last hold person. The cocky one finally stops talking.

Just as Tira starts cutting her bounds, Vicros (dragonborn fighter/leader) opens the tarp prepared to fight. 'Hey, It’s all taken care of.,’ Tira says with a smile.

P.S. The third thief under the mirror disappeared. We find out later that, She didn’t make her saving throw. :P 

P.S.S. IF you want to read more on Tira and her party check out the blog rent-a-cleric. (#ShamefulAdvertising, :/ sorry)

Love this blog and I’ll be back to share more! (As well as hypnotize the other players to post here too!) #<3D&DBlogs #SubmissionsAllAround

Today at MoMA Store Soho: meet Nervous System​, the designers behind the 3-D printed dress. 

[Nervous System (est. 2007), Jessica Rosenkrantz (American, b. 1983), Jesse Louis-Rosenberg (American, b. 1986). Kinematics Dress. 2013. Laser-sintered nylon. Image courtesy of Steve Marsel. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Architecture and Design Funds]