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❄️  Nintendo Christmas Cards  ❄️

These cards and without a doubt the cutest, most adorable and creative cards I’ve ever seen! 😻 The triforce tree is really nice touch!

They’re a little costly, so you probably wouldn’t be mass-buying them to send to everyone, but if there’s a special someone that you want to get the perfect card for, this might be it!

Nintendo Christmas Cards
by JojostoryArt


Another prototype of the name card using 3D trick art. I am getting a little board with thinking new design of this kind of name card….


With my Tekk scene finished I have been browsing around for a new project that would fit into my goals. Mainly I am looking to focus a project on modularity in assets and textures, which is pretty inverse of my last project which focused on having many individual unique assets.

The goal here being to a) keep learning substance designer and b) make this project have a much shorter production timeline. (But also better, because growth and shit, hell yeah!)

And so here is what I landed on. The original concept is by Cathleen McAllister, she has a sweet Artstation, go check it out. The scene features many instances of modular assets and will have many interesting textures to reproduce.

So far I’m only just past the initial box-in stage for the room itself. Scale and units seem to be correct. I will probably go and create the floor and a flat wood texture next/soon. These will probably end up covering most of the scene along with a couple border textures, so will help set the base mood and look of the scene.

I am looking to replicate the room, but I have changed what the centerpiece will be. No modeling work on it yet, but the painting above the fireplace should be getting replaced, and a bunch of new clutter on the table will be added. It will be cool and weird and stuff. Probably a little less serene I guess…

k bye.

So AoT Major Arcana is a thing I’m kinda doing… This started as a commission for crumpets-cosplay and just kinda…grew… >>

XII: The Hanged Man: Jean Kirschstein 

“Although The Hanged Man would once most likely have been interpreted as a punishment, somewhere along the way it came to symbolise a change of perspective, new points of view and spiritual revelations.” -Tarotpedia.com

Finished Cards:

0: The Fool: Eren
II: The High Priestess: Petra
III:The Empress: Krista
IV: The Emperor: Erwin
V: The Heirophant: Pastor Nick
VI: The Lovers: Levi and Petra
VII: The Chariot: Levi
VIII: Strength: Reiner
IX: The Hermit: Armin
XI: Justice: Pixis
XII: The Hanged Man: Jean
XIV: Temperance: Mikasa
XV: The Devil: Female Titan
XVI: The Tower: Colossal Titan
XVII: The Star: Sasha
XVIII: The Moon: Ymir
XIX: The Sun: Marco Bodt
XX: Judgement: Titan Eren

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Another prototype of the name card using 3D trick art, in the motif of red carp, which is the symbol of Hiroshima.