3d alterations


I made these last night!
For those who don’t know, these are 3D alters of Magic the Gathering basic land cards. While not legal for tournament play, they’re still a cool keepsake!
On a whim, and since I have way too many, I started to cut up cards with the same art, and layer the cut pieces on top of each other to create this effect. I’m planning on making 3 more at the very least, and arranging them in a shadow box.
These are my first alters ever, and I’m really happy with how they came out.

(also they’re supposed to both be gif’s but the forest one’s not working??)


This is it! The Sliver Queen in action! 

Ragnaros, Lightlord

The second Ragnaros I’ve made for a friend.

This one was made before the Firelord, and I’ve learned from some mistakes I’ve made with this card, but I really enjoyed working on it.

The legendary card back was a blast to make and it looks so impressive.

The 3D figurine also came out way better than I predicted, as I didn’t think this model would look good in 3D, but I stand corrected!