Photorealistic Facial Texture Inference Using Deep Neural Networks

Research from Shunsuke Saito, Lingyu Wei, Liwen Hu, Koki Nagano and Hao Li can produce a realistic 3D model of a face from a single photograph:

We present a data-driven inference method that can synthesize a photorealistic texture map of a complete 3D face model given a partial 2D view of a person in the wild. After an initial estimation of shape and low-frequency albedo, we compute a high-frequency partial texture map, without the shading component, of the visible face area. To extract the fine appearance details from this incomplete input, we introduce a multi-scale detail analysis technique based on mid-layer feature correlations extracted from a deep convolutional neural network. We demonstrate that fitting a convex combination of feature correlations from a high-resolution face database can yield a semantically plausible facial detail description of the entire face. A complete and photorealistic texture map can then be synthesized by iteratively optimizing for the reconstructed feature correlations. Using these high-resolution textures and a commercial rendering framework, we can produce high-fidelity 3D renderings that are visually comparable to those obtained with state-of-the-art multi-view face capture systems. We demonstrate successful face reconstructions from a wide range of low resolution input images, including those of historical figures. In addition to extensive evaluations, we validate the realism of our results using a crowdsourced user study. 

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Churros are awesome, but interlocking 3D churros are super awesome! New York-based pastry chef Dominique Ansel (previously featured here) recently unveiled his latest edible innovation at his Tokyo bakery: the Churroduo.

The lighter churro is made with white sesame and cinnamon sugar. the darker churro is made with black sesame and black sugar. Together they’re served with a caramel dipping sauce. So Now all you have to do is book a flight to Tokyo!

For the time being this geometric treat is only available in Japan, though Ansel is considering bringing it to his NYC and London locations as well.

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Picking up good vibrations 🔮📼

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hello friends this is the product of my sleep-deprivation, hunger, and desperation. hope you enjoy.

also I spent the night in the computer science building for this and let me tell you it was a surreal experience. I brushed my teeth at 4 AM in a unisex handicap bathroom because I couldn’t find the normal ones because it was dark and creepy and I have no sense of direction. I just awoke from 2.5 hours of light slumber on a narrow, uncomfortable couch outside of someone’s office. it is cold because it is next to a giant window. shoutout to the custodians for letting me be. I heard them come, but did not open my eyes. (at least, let’s hope they were custodians and not burglars or something.) finals are approaching and they’ve probably seen worse things than a small, hungry animation student in mismatched socks with a tiny jacket draped over her in an attempt not to freeze.