The Volker EPT-50 with Lemon-berry livery is a directed energy weapon produced as a collectors item in order to promote the release of the Lemon-berry flavor of the soft drink “Sipper”. The Sipper brand is owned by Hydrocax, a subsidiary of Volker Food services, which itself is one of the many branches of the Volker corporation civilian production department. Lemon Berries are genetically engendered fruits externally resembling a lemon but with the tender flesh and pink insides of a modified strawberry.

The EPT-50 is powered by a plasma re-generator cell and is designed to be used lightly armored or soft targets. Created in 2078 it was eventually phased out of use by the EPT-60, though it remains a widely used weapon by mercenaries and local protection forces. Like all pulse pattern directed energy weapons it has a dramatic effect on unprotected human tissue, causing large sections of the target to explode. 

The lemon-berry EPT-50 is currently owned by a collector within the new ottoman empire.