Whew boy I can’t feel my legs! P90x3 Eccentric Lower done. Day 10 of the 21 day Fix meal plan in progress. Feeling AWESOME!
Really proud of my challenge group as well, with 108 men and women in there getting results with me. How blessed am I that I get to help others love how they look & feel?! 108 people cooking healthy and eating clean, improving their health and their families health. Talk about IMPACT!! Pure awesomeness right there. #nicolesjourney #losebabyweight #bellyfat #3csections #21dayfix #p90x3 #eatclean

About to get my workout on! Body Beast legs on deck! Already down another size WOOHOO :) 2 sizes left until I hit my goal! Not going to let the holidays get me packing on pounds, this momma will be shedding all winter long. Message me if you’d like to be swimsuit ready come New Years instead of having all that extra fluff to battle. I’d love to help you :) #legday #BodyBeast #quads #fitmoms #nicolesjourney #3csections #glutes #muscles

This picture not only describes how I feel this morning but it also made me laugh super hard this morning! Not letting lack of sleep & sick kids keep me from my workout. I know a good weight lifting session with @sagikalevthebeast will wake me up & make me feel better!
#FindHumorInEverySituationAndYouWin #BodyBeast #caturday #liftweights #fitmom #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #3csections #tiremom

Operation Little Black Dress has started. I will be in Vegas in 3 weeks for work and I gotta lose this belly and fluff! Lets see what I can do in that time. It may not make it in the suitcase but I’m not going down without a fight! If it doesn’t get packed for trip, then by end of July it will be a perfect fit!

My challenge to you: go find something you want to fit into and snap a pic and set a date! Share what your ‘Operation’ is and lets crush those goals!!!!!! Who is with me?! #momof3 #3csections #nicolesjourney #fitness #transformation

My reward system is all planned. 20 lbs & I get some new kicks & VS goodies. Final goal (set for my 30th bday) I am splurging on a custom bikini & a trip to Jamaica with my hubby. I think a mom of 3 deserves that for the hard work put in ;) Do you reward yourself when you hit fitness goals? #momof3 #3csections #fitmom #goals #rewards

3 month progress after baby 3. Still a long way to go, but I am making progress with losing inches & toning back up. My goal date for having my body where I want it is Dec, one year after delivery. Slow & steady, no shortcuts here. Just hard work & clean eating! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the year unfold :) Decide. Commit. Succeed. #fitmom #momof3 #3csections #nicolesjourney