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May I ask for something cute? What about if Cor rescue a small kid (which lost their parents) during a war and the kid ask him if it could stay with him because it's alone? *sob*

Hope you guys enjoy this drabble! We all need more Cor in the fandom <3

Cor didn’t expect to return to the Crown City. He stood in the shadows of the palace, surveying the carnage around him. Rubble was everywhere, remnants of fire burned the streets. Cor’s steely blue eyes gazed around his home and he clenched his fists.

He kept to the shadows as Magitek troopers marched along the city’s streets. The smell of death, acrid and foul, flooded his senses as he ducked from one corner to another.

Cor sensed movement to his left and he placed his hand on the handle of his katana. He narrowed his eyes as he turned his body towards the sound of debris shifting.

He began pulling the katana from its sheath as he cautiously approached the destroyed storefront where the shuffling came from. Cor was ready to strike when he heard a whimper. He quickly put his katana away and climbed over the crumbling wall into what was left of the convenience store.

The crying continued. Small sounds, almost sounding like a wounded animal. He followed the sound past the front of the store and his gaze softened as he found the source of the noise.

A small child, a boy no older than six, was huddled behind the counter, covered in dirt and blood. Cor wasn’t sure if the blood was entirely his, or if it was from someone else. He crouched down to be at the same level as the child.

“Hello,” he said in a low voice. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

The boy looked up at him with giant brown eyes, wet from tears. His body language showed Cor that he was still on high alert.

“Where are your parents?”

The boy just blinked.

Cor sighed, his arms resting on his knees as he stayed in a crouch. “Not gonna talk, huh?”

The boy sniffled.

Cor felt around in his pockets and pulled something out. It was a White Rabbit candy, Cor’s secret indulgence. He always kept a few on him while he was traveling, and he only had a few remaining in his stash. They were his favourites as a child and always brought him comfort. He figured that the boy needed them more than he did.

He held out the candy to the boy, who took it tentatively with shaking fingers. Cor smiled at him and went to stand. As he rose, he felt something holding him back. He looked down and saw the boy gripping onto his sleeve with a clenched fist, looking paler than a ghost.

“C-can I go with you?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. Cor had to strain his hearing just to make out what he was saying.

“Where are your parents, kid?” Cor asked again, crouching back down again.

Tears started streaking the boy’s face. His lower lip trembled as he spoke. “I have no one left.”

Cor’s lips pressed into a thin line, his brows set. After a moment, he turned, still on his knees. “Come on.”

The boy clambered onto his back, and Cor held onto his legs, hitching him up a little higher.

“Comfortable back there?”

He felt the boy nodding against his shoulder, where he rested his chin. Cor made sure the coast was clear before heading out of the convenience store.

“Make sure you’re quiet,” he whispered, and the boy nodded again. “I’m going to bring you to Hunter HQ. It’s the safest place for now. It’s a long way’s from here, so you have to promise to do everything I say. Alright?”

The boy nodded again.

They moved in silence. The boy never mentioned his name. Cor figured he was still too scared, too shocked from all the destruction. But at the very least, he noticed that the boy had unwrapped the White Rabbit candy and popped it into his mouth, clutching the wrapper in his tiny closed fist.


Hmmm…I can’t post my video this way so it’ll come right after this….ok? Ok.
Today was running a virtual 5k for 3COR Warriors. Not being where I can be, I set a goal of 34 minutes for 11 minute miles. Yay for 10:31 miles! Maybe my new goal should be to run it under 30?

Shin still feels groovy. Right thigh has been better, but it’s also been worse. I was aware of pain most of the run, at a low level (2 or 3 out of 10 on the pain scale).

This is Grace post off-leash time. She found a ditch. It was a bit wet out. The hair under her chin is blond. The bath took 20 minutes.