1.- Sidney Samson & Lil Jon – Mutate (mashup 3ball Dj Otto )
2.- Alvaro & Chaosz - I Want You (Dj Otto Rmx) 3ball Monterrey
3.- Mas Gnawa - Kostakov (Dj Otto 3Ball Rmx)
4.- Dj Otto - talega (original)
5.- Elvis Crespo - Suave Mente (Rmx Dj Otto 3BallMty)
6.- Dj Alan Rosales & Dj Otto - Take This Out (Private 3Ball MTY Mix)
7.- Tribal Warachoso - Dj Otto Ft Tania (3Ball Monterrey)
8.- Tittsworth & Alvin Risk - Pendejas (remix Dj Otto)
9.- Avicii –Levels
10.- Will Sparks - Ah Yeah (TJR Edit)
11.- Sander van Doorn - Joyenergizer
12.- Dj Otto - San Miguel
13.- DJ Sugu® - La Balada Del Pachanguero [-The Leader Sound Internacional-]
14.- Sin nombre
15.- Dj Otto - Soy El Diablo (3Ball Monterrey)
16.- Tromba Ye Ye Ye - Dj Otto (remix 3ball mty)
17.- Baila - Otto (Danzas mexicanas 2013)
18.- Lao - Smoking Mirror (Tezcatlipoca) Rmx DjOtto 3Ball Mty
19.- DJ Mouse - Jamaican Beat (Original Mix)
20.- Munchi – Sandungueo
21.- Tittsworth & Alvin Risk – Pendejas (original)
22.- 3BallMTY - Besos Al Aire ft. América Sierra, Smoky
23.- 3Ball Mty – Vive Hoy
24.- América Sierra - Porque El Amor Manda ft. 3BallMTY
25.- Baauer - harlem shake

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CARNAVALITO ( adelanto “violentamente lento” E.P 2011) - TECLA DE ORO

July 12th 2016

Dear Dwyane Wade,

The chances of you ever seeing this is almost impossible but I can’t help but write how much you’ve impacted me. It’s been a couple of days since you’ve announced you’re going to play for the Chicago Bulls next season and a lot of my friends have been messaging and asking me what are my thoughts on the decision and how everything went down. I’ll answer that question later on.

I’ve been a big fan and lover of the game of basketball ever since I could remember. I loved playing basketball since childhood. The first NBA game I’ve ever watched and remember quite a bit of was when I was 4 years old and the Lakers were playing the Sixers in the NBA finals. I remember at the time me, my sisters and my cousins were laughing at this big BLACK guy playing basketball (Shaq) and we were rooting for him. I even remember buying several Shaq shoes at Payless ahahah. But at the time I had no favourite player, no favourite team I just enjoyed watching games with my family. Fast forward to when I was around 7 years old, it was Eid and my family and I went to a family friend’s house. We were playing around in the basement while watching a Heat basketball game. You guys were playing the Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin Garnett had a MASSIVE GAME. KG kept on grabbing each rebound, dominating the game and everyone watching was like wow he’s a monster. My parents were rooting for Minnesota because they love the city since there’s a lot of Somalis there (weird excuse I know but, very typical of immigrant parents LOL). I decided to root against them, and root for Miami instead. We all noticed this young guy balling out for Miami and it was you. The commentators kept on mentioning how you were one of the best young players in the league and there was no denying that while watching the game. You were the go to guy for Miami in the game and you kept on delivering. I forgot who won that game but ever since, I pledge my allegiance to you and the Miami Heat. I tried to watch every game that was on TV and as the games went by, I fell in love with the team and you as a player.

I remember buying my first NBA jersey in the summer of 2005 from Champs and it was a black Heat jersey with your name on it. I wore your jersey almost every single day. In my neighbourhood whenever I played ball, the older guys would always call me Flash because of the jersey and just naturally how fast I was at the time. I remember so vividly witnessing that first championship in my new house filled with boxes. My parents tried to make me go to sleep around the 4th quarter since the game was on a school night but I knew I couldn’t miss that game. So I watched the fourth with my head peeking from the sidewall and I remember Jason Terry shooting a 3, missing it and you got the rebound and just threw it up as high as you could. And then boom, world champions. It was an incredible moment in my life, witnessing my favourite player and team win a championship. I then walked upstairs and cried myself to sleep from joy. The next day I wore your jersey to school repping it SOOO hard. I remember at the time people telling me oh but you’re Canadian, why don’t you support the raptors… LOL, they were ass back then c’mon man (sorry rap fans… good thing they’re balling now.)

The next 2 seasons were tough to watch because of your injuries. They tore me apart because I was so worried you wouldn’t come back to your old self but damn, you came back better than ever. The 2008-2009 was one hell of a season that I will never ever forget. It inspired me to present a speech on it. I was in French immersion all throughout school and during elementary school we had to do french speeches on any topic. My grade 6 topic was ‘Who’s better, Dwyane Wade or LeBron James?’ I compared both of your young careers and hell yeah I was soooo biased. I said things like,

“But does LeBron have a title? Did he carry a team down 0-2? Did he have one of the greatest performances of all time? NO, NO AND NO! He’s sure not going to win MVP this season with the way Dwyane Wade is playing!!”

It’s all-good I love LeBron and in fact I actually bought a jersey of him along with another jersey of you and Chris bosh in 2007 before the finals LOOL! I still believe you should’ve won MVP that season but it’s all good, I’m over it (kinda). My life at the time literally surrounded around the Miami heat and you. NBA.com and debating about ball was my shit all day every day.

The next season I was shitting bricks. Almost every analyst said if the Heat don’t look promising or if they don’t put a core solid group of guys around you, then you would leave Miami and head home to Chicago. And man. That just killed me inside. But then game 4 in 2010 against the Boston Celtics, happened. It was the most incredible game I’ve ever witnessed from you. Your drive and will to win in front of your fans was just amazing to say the least. I knew after watching that game that your heart was in Miami. I knew deep down, you were not going to leave, which you didn’t. You sacrificed so much money (millions are a lot people) to recruit LeBron and CB in 2010. I remember going BALLISTIC on Facebook and screaming of joy in my house and my mom telling me to calm down, it’s just basketball ahaha. The era of the big 3 was just getting started.

It’s crazy, those 4 seasons passed by so fast but man were they nuts. Losing that title against Dallas was devastating to see and boy did I get harassed. Mr. Gitter sure loved rubbing it in my face! But those next 2 seasons… awesomeness. Before winning the title, watching Game 6 of the ECF against the Celtics was the most nerve wrecking game I’ve ever witnessed holy crap. I’ve never been that nervous for a game and God Bless LeBron James for saving me from a heart attack at the age of 15. It was the greatest playoff performance I’ve ever seen and I highly doubt anything would top that. Must’ve been awesome to see it live like you did. After that game I became one of his biggest supporters. LeBron is just awesome, I’m sure you know that since he’s your bestie aha. But anyways, watching the parade online and enjoying the title was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my life. Then the following year you guys repeated and man you became a THREE TIME CHAMPION! Cloud 9, we are back2back champs. Obviously in 2014 injuries played a huge part in the team and we couldn’t get the 3peat. Nonetheless, those years of watching the team play and your insane ball connection with LeBron was so much fun to watch. Can’t wait to tell my kids about it one day.

2014-2015 was another rough season but then came this 7foot beast Hassan. It was like god wanted Miami to succeed after LeBron left. Then we drafted Justise Winslow. I couldn’t believe he dropped that low but damn I’m glad he did! Drafting Jrich to the roster was genius as well. I had hope we were going to do great things in the upcoming season and we sure as hell did. When you guys went down in the Charlotte series 2-3, with Game 6 being played in Charlotte, I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. With the way Kemba was playing I had the right to be!! But deep down, I knew you were going to show up. What a sensational game you had, especially that 4th quarter. WOW!!! That goofy grown ass man on the sideline taunting better have some RESPEK on your name now. Bruh I couldn’t believe how well you were hitting the 3ball. I’m like yo.. Where was this the past 12 seasons though?? I think it was the first time where I really took in, greatness, seriously. The following series against Toronto was tough for me personally. I live in Canada’s capital and well… being a Heat fan ain’t easy up in the North. You were clearly the best player in that series and every time Miami needed a bucket, you were there. To be honest, I’m still wondering where the hell our offence was during the series but it’s okay, I have to move on. Obviously it was a tough loss, especially knowing that we honestly had a great chance winning the other games in the series and I truly believed we would have kicked Cleveland’s ass if we were healthy but it’s all good… gotta get over it.

I have felt so much joy for all the success you have achieved in your life. It’s weird feeling that for someone I’ve never met but it’s true. Not just in the basketball world, but with your family as well and what you’ve created with them. It’s clear your personal life has been a rollercoaster and I don’t know the full story and I never will. But the way you’ve handled everything has been incredible and the father you’ve been to your sons is something I am greatly fond of. What you’ve created with your family is something so inspiring and beautiful, and every athlete should strive to be a father like you. The best part of you is not that you’re a basketball player, not that you’re one of the best at it, the best part of you is that you are a family first man that’s sadly rare in sports. You do so much from the Miami community, a lot more than what is asked. You’re nothing short of an inspiration to everyone. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done on and off the court. South Beach will always be your home and you’re the greatest to ever put on that Heat jersey and I swear dawg, that ain’t ever gonna change!

Let’s fast forward today and you’re now a Chicago Bull. So much has happened in between, so many ups and downs but Heat Nation and I have been there every step of the way. It’s been an extraordinary journey watching you play for the Miami Heat. I always thought you’d be a Heatlifer and this is a bittersweet ending. But to answer the question on what my thoughts are on you leaving South Beach? It’s simply, okay. I know you’ve heard a lot of people saying this but I’ll repeat it; You’ve given your blood sweat and tears and everything else, for this team and because of that we’ve experienced the triumphs ever sports fan wants to experience. It’s crazy to think you’ve impacted a random kid from Canada but you have and you continue to do so. Miami and Heat Nation will miss you, but we’ll always love you. I wish nothing but happiness for you going forward with the Chicago Bulls. They are blessed to have one of their own on their team, let alone of the greatest guards to ever play this game. I hope you absolutely kill it in Chicago. I’m still all about Heat Nation though. Best believe imma hope Miami wins each game against Chicago ahaha, but I would love it if you could drop like 50 points each game so it ain’t all that bad iight? My boys Justise, Jrich, Hassan and TJ are gonna show Chicago what’s up.. I swear we’re on the rise!   

Peace and love Father Prime,

From Faisa Abdi - Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

PS: I still can’t believe you replied back to my tweet a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep at all that night, i was so happy. And hell yeah you got fans in Canada!!! We took a beating supporting you and the team but it’s all good man!!

Here’s my mix i made for @jessieslife’s Girlfriend Mix Series

Aluna George - Best Be Believing (Shadow Child remix)
Robin Thicke - Give it to you (Trippy Turtle Remix)
DJ Otto - Baila Macuano (3ball Monterrey)
Boy Oh Boy x Nelly - Get Your Eagle On (Diplo x Gta edit)
Djemba Djemba - Stahp (Astronomar Untrapped edit)
UZ x Salva - Molly & OJ
Rod Lee - Wanna Fuck (Dirty Remix)
Dj DayCard - Party People Remix
Dj Slink xDj Dru - Arch In Ya Back
Drake - Furthest Thing (Trippy Turtle remix)
Ronaissance - That D
Jack Beats - Get Down (ƱZ Remix)
Baauer - Rasberry


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