arthur: matthew. what r. ur intentions. with my baby

matty: ummmm……….to……….date him…..?? and…..be there for him and–

arthur: YEP good YES i like it a lot a REAL lot infact.

arthur: matthew i rly like u ur a real precious peach n ur perfect for my lil baby blue bear

arthur: dare i say u r the arthur 2 his maya LoL right guys!!!!!!!:)

blue, maya:

the suffering is endless

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
20 years after taking the air, the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer talks about the show's success, its loyal fans, and how it changed the TV landscape.

This thing is 44 mins. Heads up!


“You’re making a mistake!”  He was screaming as the officer grabbed him, trying to break free from the hold he had on his arm. 

“And are you resisting arrest? Because I can charge you for that, too.”  The officer started to push him out of the room.

“You have to believe me! That man is a murderer, you should be putting these cuffs on him, not me! Salem! Salem? You believe me, don’t you?”

To The Wonder

Pairing: Y/N/Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 1.600+

Summary: A fight between Y/N and Michael leaves her devastated as he has left for tour without a proper goodbye and that leaves her in wonder and sadness of how to get over his actions.

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