3b spoilers

wow i can’t believe 3b actually happened

the twins never came back to beacon hills, peter was killed by some spanish hunters, scott, stiles and derek kept having dinner together once a week, allison taught lydia how to use a crossbow and we got to see them have a hundred sleepovers, isaac was nice to everyone and knitted stiles a scarf as a peace offering for being a douche in the past, melissa won a weekend at a spa, the sheriff went fishing with chris and deaton, no one was possessed or murdered and derek got a new apartment and finally remembered where he’d parked the camaro wow what a top season this was

not hq, but all the werewolves are pink, hunters are purple, i don’t see lydia, but i assume she’s yellow like jackson given they’re both different from werewolves. 


a. what’s in kate argent’s grave if not kate argent? a bird? a plane? did she crawl her way up outta there without anyone noticing somehow because, like??? she was buried?? there was a scene?? in which we viewed that?? remember??? season two??? the golden haze of yesteryear?? when hair was shorter and things were simpler and no matter what time it was, it was lacrosse time?? SOMEBODY STOP ISAAC BEFORE HE SWANS OFF TO FRANCE WITH CHRIS ARGENT AND ASK HIM WHAT’S UP WITH KATE ARGENT’S GRAVE, oKAY? DID HE DIG A TUNNEL IN THE SIDE RATHER THAN ACCEPT DEREK’S HAND UP THAT NIGHT OR WHAT.

b.  i’m Team Argent Women Are Incapable Of Death, do you hear it, that sound in the distance, it’s victoria argent not being dead, it’s allison argent not being dead, YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD ARGENT DOWN, we train our sons to be soldiers and our daughters to sacrifice little bits of themselves to ancient gods every year on their birthdays so in the event of a death they just pop right back up again, KATE’S ALIVE SO THEY’RE ALL ALIVE, IMMORTAL ARGENT LADIES OR BUST 

c. derek’s really bummed about kate being back because trauma and everything, family murderings etcetera, but also because he can just tell there’s going to be less time now for his side job: walking up and down the streets of beacon hills wearing a sandwich board that reads SCOTT MCCALL FOR MAYOR & PRESIDENT & KING OF THE UNIVERSE on one side and BEACON HILLS <3 SCOTT MCCALL on the other. and it really sucks because scott was coming around, derek could tell, he only said “stop doing that thing with the sandwich board, dude, it freaks people out, i’m not even running for anything,” once last week, and now kate’s here, screwing it all up. 

d. how can you have a dream after a thing happens that confirms for you while the thing is happening that the thing that happened was real? like, i come from inception fandom, jeff, okay, i get it, dreams are complicated, WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER, but this is just a basic logic issue, you get it? you feel me? TENSES. LINEAR PROGRESSION OF TIME. I DON’T CARE HOW MANY FINGERS STILES HAS???? UNLESS HAVING EXTRA FINGERS MAKES YOU TIME TRAVEL???? why do i watch this show.

e. EVERY DANNY THOUGHT I THINK OF MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN THE LAST ONE, danny the vampire, danny the shapeshifter, danny the modern-day reincarnation of the god apollo, danny who transferred from a school in the lost city of atlantis, danny who is completely human in every way but has a notebook under his pillow that has “someday i’m going to write the most ridiculous screenplay ever and still get to say ‘based on a true story’” written on the cover, danny who’s cousin is a gryphon, DANNY <3

f. i will neither forgive nor forget this season, teen wolf, but i have to say, that cover of bad moon rising was fucking awesome. 

anonymous asked:

why don't you think the mccall secret was horrible? a father accidentally pushing his kid down the stairs seems pretty bad to me?

…it’s not really something Stiles could threaten Rafael with, though? Also I think he said “you don’t want them to know”, which would imply that Melissa didn’t know, which they apparently forgot?!

…and it definitely isn’t something the nogitsune could threaten Melissa with?! Like, she threw him out because he was an alcoholic who endangered his son’s life, it’s not like Scott would hate her for that, considering his general resentment of his father? It just doesn’t make sense?!?!

also, has Jeff completely forgotten that Scott told us in 1x03 that he used to live with his Dad???

When we recover a little bit can we talk about Deputy Parrish being ’drawn’ to Beacon Hills after Deaton used that specific wording in reference to supernatural beings and the town?  And what that means he might be?  Because it’s something the wolves can’t smell, or don’t recognize–even Derek, who has been around him multiple times.  And possibly something that Parrish isn’t even aware of yet?