3b spoilers


Deputy “Pretty Eyes” Parrish in episode 3x19 “Letharia Vulpina”


In which Derek is technologically inept and needs help clearing his browser cache and history, recruiting his new bff Kira to help him with the task.

okay but the fact that the entirety of the scene where scott gets hurt in this last episode oddly parallels allison’s death scene is giving me goosebumps like look at this:
- he literally got impaled, and we all know allison notoriously got impaled by a sword (and we all want that image out of our brains)
-scott was like “it’s okay, I’ll be fine, go, I’ll catch up, just give me a few minutes” when everyone freaked out about it aka allison in scott’s arms and him freaking out and she’s like “it’s okay”
-malia being like “no it’s not okay” towards scott which is the same way scott reacted towards allison
-the whole trying to take the pain away and it not working(except it eventually worked for scalia, it just took a while but ya get the point)
-just a lot of emotions dude
obviously scott isn’t dead(thank god), but the way that whole sequence played out was oddly familiar and i wouldn’t be surprised if they re-used the allison dying concept considering they’ve mentioned her multiple times so far this season.(which by the way, just jabs me in the heart every single time.)

in short, I love Scott McCall and he doesn’t deserve anything that’s happening/ that has happened to him and his friends and I hope he’s doing well and I miss Allison Argent.